How many mango trees per acre

How many mango trees per acre -

How many mango trees per acre

In Maharashtra, if you see the Konkan traditional Alphonso mango Plantation which is very much unplanned or it is as per traditional earlier resources in the Bag which is called as Aamrai or Mango Orchards,

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Some People have different calculations for Mango plantation per acre:

It would help if you kept standard spacing between Mango trees in aamrai; it should be 10 x 10 meters from the North, East, West, and South of the mango plant.

As a thumb rule, if your orchard is an exact square, you can plant around 82 trees which you can plant in one acre of Land.

 As per Israel Ultra High-Density Plantation Technique

If you want to build your farm with an ultra-high-density plantation method.

You can plant a Mango tree at 2 x 3 meters; with this calculation, you can have 676 Mango trees per acre with the proper pruning method every three months.