Mango For Pregnancy

Mango For Pregnancy

Mangoo for Pregnancy is the best supplementary king of fruit that loaded with multiple vitamins and Minerals during your Pregnancy. Alphonso mango helps you fulfill your tasty craving and moods in Pregnancy. It helps you and your fetus growth during pregnancy.


Mango for Pregnancy, Alphonso Mango During Pregnancy

Alphonso Mango for Pregnancy 

Alphonso Mango, during pregnancy, is a frequent question asked or searched around the web. We usually keep on getting calls question is always same.

Can I eat mango during pregnancy?

In Konkan Orchards, our family members usually ask pregnant ladies to visit in the Orchards Mango trees.

It is a Great Source of Vitamins during Pregnancy

Superfruit, a king of fruit made by God full of vitamins and minerals, enjoys this fruit during your pregnancy.

You need to know, is it safe to eat Mangoes during Pregnancy?

When your pregnancy starts, you need to eat extra Vitamins, minerals like Calcium, and Protein to encounter your body's needs and the growing fetus.

Buy Healthy Mangoes for Pregnant

Pregnant women must promote a healthy balanced diet, which helps as a nutritious fruit during pregnancy.

If you are Pregnant during the start of summer or the end of summer, you are lucky. Then your pregnancy is mangofeciant (means you can consume more king of fruit in this season).


 Is it safe to eat mango during pregnancy

They are a tremendous natural vegan source of Vitamins and minerals, Antioxidants if had moderately.

During pregnancy, it acts as a Vitamin Bomb. It has a sweet taste as well slightly sour taste with a pleasing fragrance. This fruit help with nausea feeling, which is always faced by women during pregnancy.

Majorly it is a significant source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C with dietary fiber, Antioxidants sources. This fruit comes with great health benefits during pregnancy.

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) in this is 2250 IU - 4 % RDA

It helps the Visual Growth of the Fetus.

In many parts of the world, Vitamin A deficiency is a big problem. This fruit has an excellent source of Vitamin A 

A helps embryonic growth of the fetus, ensures the healthy placenta development, also. 

Normalizes the metabolic process of the fetus, boosts Immunity, and fatal growth, Very Important for ocular health.

As per medicos, Vitamin A should not exceed more than 10,000 IU, so with all other diets, one to two of this is enough for you in a day during pregnancy.

It is rich in Dietary Fiber 1.8 gm – 2 % RDA. 

It helps fight Constipation during Pregnancy.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, most women face the problem of constipation. While 

It is the best origin of Dietary fiber, which is necessary for the digestive system. It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract act as a mild laxative.

Help easies constipation related to pregnancy.

However, pregnant women should moderately eat this because a large portion may cause discomfort and excessive gas formation.

Vitamin B6 in this is – 0.134 mg – 10 % RDA.

It helps your mood swings and pregnancy Irritation, as well Nervous and Brain system of the fetus. 

Vitamin B6 contributes to the growth of the brain and nervous system of the fetus.

Since you can consume this any time, Vitamin B6 helps reducing mood swings and pregnancy Irritation. 

Its fusion of sweet and sour taste in the king of fruit reduces morning sickness during pregnancy.

It helps for pregnancy-related nausea with a sweet and sour taste.

Copper in This fruit is – 0.11 mg – 12 % 

This tropical fruit helps bone formation in the baby.

Copper helps blood cell formation and bone health during pregnancy.

Folic acid in this – 14 gm – 4 % 

It helps congenital disability prevention.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) in this is the best natural supplement called Folate. It is rich with iron and folic acid necessary brain and nervous system, Spinal cord development, and prevents defects of the fetus.

It prevents the risk of neural tube defects, like spina bifida (congenital disability when the spine and spinal cord are not formed correctly in the fetus). 

This tropical fruit during pregnancy can help prevent the malformation of the fetus. It helps in the forming of the nervous system of the fetus.

Mango for Conceiving 

Since these fruits are rich with Folate (Folate is a natural source of folic acid from fruits), these are used as a natural supplement in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Even certain elders in Family and some ancient text says that this is for Fertility.

Certain women start Folate or this fruit as a supplement even before conceiving as pre conceiving process. As it acts like prenatal vitamins, it helps the brain and spinal cord growth of the fetus. 

Vitamin C in this is – 27.7 mg – 46 % RDA.

It helps preterm delivery prevention.

Usually, among 5 % to 16% of babies born are preterm babies or premature babies born before completing thirty-seven weeks. 

Consume this and other fruits adequately with the target of Vitamin C every day at least 80 mg.  

Helps strengthen a body membrane, including amniotic layers; this may help you avoid preterm birth of your baby. It is known that if Membrane ruptures may affect the outcome in preterm birth.

It is an excellent source of Vitamin C increases the absorption of Iron, which is essential for hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood.

Iron in this is 1.1 – mg – 6% RDA.

It helps Red Blood Cell Production – Anemia during Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it recommended having double of Iron standard requirement is 27 mg. Iron produces hemoglobin in red blood cells, which carries oxygen to the fetus and your tissues. While Vitamin B6 and B 12 helps to increase blood volume during your pregnancy.

When consumed with other food products, This prevents Anemia during Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you have to double the Iron content of your consumption for you and your fetus. 

You can consume two fruits of this in a day, one in lunch or after lunch. One more in the evening increases Red Blood Cell formation hence prevents Anemia. You can also use Mango Pulp if your pregnancy is not during the summer season; it gives the same effects.

Since your Iron consumption increased during your pregnancy, you should consume some fibrous diet to help during constipation.

Potassium in this summer fruit 1.1 – mg – 6% RDA

It helps stabilizes water balance in the organs – Edema during Pregnancy.

Potassium helps maintain water balance in tissues and organs of the body. This fruit significantly reduces unpleasant symptoms in pregnant women as edema. 

It also prevents excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

If any pregnant woman is having kidney problems, consuming this during pregnancy might be dangerous or fatal. 

Kidney's one of the operations is to remove excess potassium in the blood.

So please avoid this if there is any kidney problem or consult with your healthcare specialist or Gynecologist. 

Magnesium in this is 9 – mg – 2% RDA.

It helps toxicosis during pregnancy.

Toxicosis is a High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy. High blood pressure during pregnancy leads to stomach spasm. It contains magnesium, which is a natural remedy against high blood pressure.

Sugar in this is 14.8 gm.

It is for sugar cravings during pregnancy.

It is with natural tangy-sweet taste, helps you to balance the sweet desire during your pregnancy. It enables you to avoid outside food during pregnancy that contains synthetic sugar.

How Many of this Can I eat during pregnancy?

Acts like a Superfood during Pregnancy is like a healthy bomb, which is rich with multiple nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Especially in the second and third semesters, if your doctor has asked to increase calories in food, this or its pulp is the best sweet and sour substitute.

Doctors suggest that you can have one to two fruits only. Or one bowl or two bowls ofPulpp in a day. 

Is it safe to eat this in Late Pregnancy or third trimester?

Since this has high carbohydrates, doctors may ask you to avoid pregnancy if you are suffering from high sugar or diabetes.

Excessive consumption of this in late pregnancy may lead to other problems like Diabetes during Pregnancy (Gestational diabetes).

So it is suggested that consume only half of it or one full in a whole mango a day or half a bowl of pulp.

It suggested that always consume ripe fruits and avoid chemical and carbide riped fruit. Always have carbide free, naturally ripened fruits during pregnancy. So that chemicals should not affect you and your fetus. 


Please do not consume unripe fruit as it might provoke severe gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract) disorder.

Please consult your doctor for the same.

How to check for allergy of this during pregnancy?

The pulp of yummy fruit

If you have pulp, you can have it any time in the year as ourPulpp is available 365 days a year.

First, check consuming half a bowl of this during pregnancy so that you can check for any allergic conditions if any. If you observe any harmful effects like cramps in the stomach, diarrhea, rash, itching, or nausea, please avoid it.

If you don't see any adverse effects, you can consume 100 to 200 grams a day.

Please consult your doctor before consuming it.

Fresh Alphonso Mango 

If you consume fresh fruit, you can have it only in the summer when the season starts from March to June of the year. As this is a seasonal fruit and it is available only for five months in a year.

First, check consuming half or single small pieces of this during pregnancy so that you can check for allergic conditions if any. If you observe any harmful effects like cramps in the stomach, diarrhea, rash, itching, or nausea, please avoid it.

If you don't see any adverse effects, you can consume one to two fruits every day.

Please consult your healthcare specialist like a Doctor or Gynecologist before consuming.

Pregnancy digestive problems

If you have any digestive issues during pregnancy, then please avoid this as it will be dangerous. 

It is a contra indicatory for consuming during pregnancy digestive problems. It can provoke inflammation internally in the gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs.

Is it safe during Pregnancy second trimester?

Generally, the second-trimester overeating may give rise to gestational diabetes. While you need to eat moderately, you can eat one or two of this per your health and doctor's consultation.

This for Heartburn during Pregnancy

It has high ascorbic acid; after overeating, it might result in heartburn or acidity. If you are prone or tender to ascorbic acid released by it, please avoid consuming it or nullify the effect by consuming alkaline foods like spinach, celery, lettuce, green vegetables, and banana or melon fruits.

Peel of the fruit may contain resinous and might irritate you during pregnancy, 

As a common factor, you should also wash this neatly into the flowing water or soak it in a bucket of water.

You can keep this for cooling in the bucket for five to ten minutes.

For pregnant and care during consuming 

Mango and Ayurveda


As per Ayurveda divided into two parts :

  1. Raw Mango - Means Katchi Kairi
  2. Raw fruit is Sour (Khata or Ambat). It increases Vata and Pitta dosha in the body.
  3. During pregnancy, you can prepare Panha from raw fruits. You can also make fresh pickles.
    1. Aam Panha quenches their thirst during pregnancy. Which pacifies pitta
  4. Ripe Mango – Means Pakku Kairi
    1. The ripe fruit is a blend of sweet and sour and consumed when it is more pleasing. It pacifies Pitta and Vata Dosha.
    2. The ripe fruit is delicious and full of Vitamins and Minerals which required during pregnancy for you and your fetus.
    3. It is heavy to digest with hot potency as per ancient texts.
  5. It suggested that ripe fruit should be washed and cleaned neatly. 
  6. Due to its delicious taste, it avoids overheating.
  • Consume in moderate volume one or a Bowl of pulp nearly 100 gm to 200 gm only.
  1. Soak these fruits in a bucket of water for half an hour to one hour before consuming, As it helps neutralize the hot potency of these.
  2. Never eat the peel of fruit during pregnancy as it has an unpleasant taste. But it is full of nutrients.
  3. It may cause an allergic reaction as it may contain any pesticide residue before harvesting.
  • Please avoid peel of these. 
  • As per Ayurveda, Anupan (means an addition to particular food or medicine),
  • You can add little ghee, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, just a small pinch for taste, not more than that with Aamras. Mango Milkshake.