Mango Medicinal Values

Mango a Natural Medicinal Tasty Fruit

Mango Known as a tasty fruit World Wide and it is called as King of Fruits Globally. It possesess multiple medicinal values which helps for your health

Mango Medicinal Value, Mango Medicinal benefits

Mango Medicinal uses

Mango medicinal use is a bouquet of multiple Vitamin, Minerals, Antioxidants, Digestive fiber, which helps digestion. Mango is one of the most known tropical fruit globally.

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Studies indicate the following Medicinal properties in Mangoes, which explained as follows:

Mango Analgesic

Painkiller, wound healer, relief from pain.

Mango Alkalize Whole Body

Help reduce adverse health effects in the body.


Mango Anthelmintic 

It helps in deworming that expel parasitic worms and other internal parasites. 

Mango Anti-bone resorption

Preventing bone loss, resorption of bone by blocking the action of osteoclasts helps in postmenopausal osteoporosis. 

Mango Antimicrobial

kills microorganisms or stops their growth

Mango Antiallergic 

Prevent an allergic response or relieves allergies.

Mango Antibacterial 

Destroys bacteria or suppresses the growth of bacteria or their ability to reproduce. 

Mango Anticancer 

Properties of polyphenolic extracts from several mango varieties help in cancer patients for building immunity and energy levels.

Mango Antidiabetic 

Help diabetes controls their level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

Mango Antidiarrheal 

Mango that stops or slow diarrhea

Mango Antidegenerative 

Mango helps in Degenerative cells.  

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Mango Antifungal 

Mango fungistatic or fungicide properties are used to treat and prevent mycosis. Such as candidiasis (thrush), athlete's foot, ringworm, severe systemic infections. 

Mango Anti-HIV 

Acts as an Immunity booster

Mango Anti-inflammatory 

It helps reduces inflammation or swelling.

Mango Anti-oxidant 

Clears the skin, with glow, helps in Cancer. 

Mango Ant parasitic 

Mangoes help in parasitic diseases, such as those caused by ectoparasites, helminths, and amoeba.

Mango Antipyretic 

Prevent or reduces fever works to lower the temperature, which results in a reduction in fever. 

Mango Antispasmodic 

Helps relieves Spasm of involuntary muscle or suppresses muscle spasm. 

Mango Anti-Syphilitic 

Helps in syphilis bacteria, a bacterial infection usually spread by sexual contact.

Mango Antitumor 

Helps in Inhibiting growth tumor or tumors.  

Mango Antiviral 

It helps to treat viral infections.

Mango Cardiotonic 

Helps on heart action acts like a tonic of the heart.

Mango Gastroprotective 

Helps in gastrointestinal ulcer and reduces risk. 

Mango Hepatoprotective 

Better for liver, Hepatoprotection or antihepatotoxicity is the ability of a chemical substance to prevent damage to the liver 

Mango Hypolipidemic

Mango contains Antihyperlipidemic agents which lower cholesterol—lipid-lowering agent. 

It contains hypolipidemic agents, which helps in cholesterol-lowering and anti-lipid peroxidation. 

Mango for Diabetics

The benefit of diabetes mellitus and diabetic complications are associated with abnormalities in lipid profiles.

Mango Hypotensive

Helps in low blood pressure, fainting or dizziness because the brain doesn't receive enough blood, relating to or suffering from abnormally low blood pressure.

Mango Immune modulation

In cancer patients, Homeostasis in the immune system harnesses the immune system to achieve tumor control.

Mango for Infertility

Mangoes are Good Immune Booster and Antioxidants, which boost fertility with a pack of multiple Vitamins and minerals. As per Ayurveda, Mango is Shukra vardhak (Shukra Dhatu, Semen, reproductive fluid) means mangoes help increase the Quality and Quantity of Sperm count sperm motility.

Mango Improves Eye Health

Mango with Vitamin help boosting Eye health Vitamin A and Vitamin E helps boost your eye health with Lutein and Zeaxanthin in mango.

Mango Lipolytic

It helps in mobilizing energy during fasting and exercise.

Mango Promotes Healthy sex

Mango helps in Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence. 

Mango Radioprotective

Act as a radioprotective agent that helps prevent cellular damages reduces DNA damages.

Mango for Wound Healing

Mango possesses wound healing properties, which helps in healing wounds faster.

Ripe mango fruit, which is sweat, is considered to be health stimulating. Mangoes help to energize and refreshing in weakness. Mango juice is a refreshing tonic and used to help you once you come back home from heatstroke.

Mango possesses a tonic action on the mucus membrane. Mango gum, which is called Dink in the Local Konkan language, helps dressings for scabies and cracked feet.

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