Mango for Anemia

Mango for Anemia

Mango for anemia

Mango a super rich fruit which helps to boost your immunity and keep multiple diseases away.

First understand What is Anemia

Anemia is a health condition in which you lack for adequate healthy red blood cells. This red blood cells helps to carry enough oxygen to your body's tissues.

If you are suffering from anemia may make you feeling bit weak and tired.

Anemia as per Ayurveda

Anemia in Ayurveda is called as Pandu Roga.

The disease of anaemia has roots in the unbalance or disparity of agni, the digestive kindle, which normally helps to form ama in body.

This disturbance is caused by pitta which is circulated around the body by aggravated vata.

There are many forms of anemia, each has different cause. Anemia can be short term or long term, and it can change a range from mild to severe.

Buy Mango for Anemia

Iron deficiency anemia.

This most common problem which leads to anemia is due to shortfall of iron in your body.

Your bone marrow needs iron to make hemoglobin. Bone marrow which produces nearly 200 billion new red blood cells daily, along with white blood cells and platelets.

Without adequate iron, your body cannot create enough amount of hemoglobin for red blood cells. 

How Mango helps for Anemia

Anemia is normally caused due to deficiency in either iron or folic acid.

Mangoes are the fruit which is rich in Iron and folic acid.

It is also Rich in vitamin C, it helps to anemic patients increase and boost production of iron absorption.

For pregnant women, Alphonso mangoes act like extra protein and vitamin supplement which give extra boost of iron and folic acid needed during pregnancy.

Which all mango products Helps in Anemia

You can use multiple products and recipes like

This are very delightful in taste and helps in Anemia to produce abundant healthy red blood cells

In Anemia hemoglobin level ( as a thumb rule men, hemoglobin level  (hb Level). Is typically defined as of less than 13.5 gram/100 ml in men and in women as hemoglobin (hb level) of less than 12.0 gram/100 ml.) 

Alphonso Mango iron amount or Iron contents 0.13 mg ~ 1.5% of Fruit. With Folic acid again which is helpful regulates your blood and increases iron level of your blood in body.

It help increase Red Blood Cell count in body.

In some Chinese Herbal Tonic Yin Tonic which is prepared using Mangoes. Which is used for treatment of Anemia,

Anemia may cause Bleeding gums (Bleeding on probing), Indigestion, fever, cough, Motion sickness, or lack of blood.