Frozen Alphonso Mango Candies

Frozen Mango Candies

Frozen Alphonso Mango Candies

Mango ice cream or candies are the most appreciated things during summers.

The frozen alphonso mango pulp has perfect qualities for any dessert.

It has a delicious taste and a longer shelf life.

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Frozen alphonso mango candies are a very simple recipe made from mango juice.

Ingredients and recipe

For mango juice: 

  • Cut one cup of mango in blocks ( or frozen fruits)
  • ½ cup of water 
  • One spoon sugar
  • Coconut milk
  • Ten grapes, slashed 

To begin with, take 1 cup mango and one teaspoon sugar in a blender. 

Include some water and blend in till a streaming uniform juice. 

Pour the mango juice to fill the popsicle form of the molds. 

Close and chill for 30 minutes or until marginally thickened. 

Now include the grapes cuts to a particular shape. 

Close and chill for 30 minutes when the mango layer is marginally set. 

Take coconut milk and set up a layer of it in a bowl. 

Include 1 tbsp sugar, mix, or you can add jaggery.

When the mango layer is daintily frozen, pour the coconut milk. 

Now mix, absorb warm water for 3 seconds and pull the popsicle. 

You can store and have this popsicle candy for two to three months.

Storage instruction:

Keep in a cool, dry place. To begin with, freezing at each stage assists with getting the correct layers. 

Likewise, add all hygienically processed things to make popsicles look marvelous.

Make this recipe to extend your mango season.