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Dos and Don'ts of buying Alphonso Mangoes Online - AlphonsoMango.in

Dos and Don'ts of buying Alphonso Mangoes Online

Choose your Alphonso Mango Wisely

Alphonso, king of mango, is not just another fruit in the local market. This excellent fruit buys a hefty price tag, making it a target for unscrupulous sellers. 

With the steady rise of doubles in the market, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to find true Alphonso. 

Even if you try to buy the Alphonso mango online, the risk of deception cannot be eliminated. 

Try to follow the simple tips outlined in this article while shopping for Alphonso mangoes online to enjoy your favorite fruits in their original form.



Buy from a GI licensed producer.

Buy without checking the license and certification of the producer.

Check the reviews of the website.

Buy from a website with poor ratings and reviews.

Read the return and exchange policy of the product and the website in general.

Buy from a website whose return and exchange policy you don’t agree with.

Place a small order initially. See if you like the product and then place a bigger order.

Place a huge order on a website you aren’t sure of. You might end up losing money.


Luxurious Alphonso Mango Online

Remember, Alphonso mango is a luxury food that costs money.

All authentic mango vendors often guarantee quality because Alphonso mangoes Online are an essential export item. However, some farmers engage in malpractices to make a profit. Follow the steps above and stay away from such farmers and sellers.

  • Buy from a reputable seller. Look for a seller that has a good track record and positive reviews. Like us, you can also check to see if the seller is certified by India's Geographical Indications (GI) Registry. It means they sell genuine Alphonso mangoes from the Konkan region of Maharashtra.
  • Read the reviews. Before you buy, read the reviews of the website and the product. It will give you an idea of the quality of the mangoes and the service you can expect.
  • Check the return policy. Ensure the seller has a good return policy if you are unsatisfied with the mangoes you receive.
  • Place a small order first. If you need more clarification on a particular seller, placing a small order first is a good idea. This way, you can test the quality of the mangoes and the service before you commit to a larger purchase.
  • Be aware of the shipping costs and delivery time. Alphonso mangoes are perishable fruits, so buying them from a seller who can ship them to you quickly and in good condition is important.


  • Don't buy from a seller offering the mangoes at a very low price. It is often a sign that the mangoes are not genuine or must be better quality.
  • Only buy from a seller who has a return policy. It puts you at risk if you are unsatisfied with the mangoes you receive.
  • Don't buy mangoes that are already ripe. Alphonso mangoes are best eaten when they are slightly underripe. If they are already ripe, they will not last long and may not taste as good.
  • Only store Alphonso mangoes in the refrigerator for a short time. They will lose their flavour and texture if stored over a few days.

Additional tips:

  • Look for mangoes that are firm but not hard. They should have a sweet smell and a golden yellow colour.
  • Avoid mangoes that have any bruises, cuts, or blemishes.
  • If you need help choosing the right mangoes, ask the seller for help.

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