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Saffron Red Gold Spice of Kashmir / saffron egg biryani

Best Saffron for Biryani - AlphonsoMango.in

Best Saffron for Biryani

Best Saffron for Biryani

Saffron is an exquisite and essential spice in Indian cuisine. It adds flavor, aroma, and an enticing red hue to the food. 

Buy Kesar for Biryani

Along with its gastronomical qualities, It also possesses numerous medical advantages. It contains bioactive mixes, such as crocetin, crocin, picrocrocin.

These bioactive mixes are known to give stunning advantages, from settling mental health issues to decreasing insulin opposition. It can genuinely help improve your life and promote well-being. 

Saffron for Biryani Online

If you need authentic GI tag-certified spice for your tasty Biryani, then you are at the right place and just a click away. 

Our product is handpicked from the best farms in Pampore Kashmir in India, on the Jhelum river bank, the best original place for this expensive spice in the world.

Biryani: the ultimate Indian comfort food

Biryani is to Indians what Mac-n-Cheese is to Americans, a comfort food! Although the word biryani stems from a Persian term for rice, 'Birinj,' Biryani originated in India.

However, there's a debate over whether it originated at the Mughal centers in North India or whether Arab traders introduced it as a form of pilaf varieties in South India.

Whatever the case, Indians found a delicious and flavorful dish that provides comfort!

You must've observed that most of the biryanis are of red, orange-red, or yellow color. This Kesari hue is because of the red spice Keshar present in it. 

It is a natural alternative to chemical food dyes like FD and C Yellow No. 5. These synthetic dyes may seem harmless but potentially trigger allergies. 

Kesar is a hypoallergenic, i.e., a substance that is highly unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. It adds a lovely, natural yellow shading to dishes. 

Biryani recipe: Indian Saffron rice recipe

In India, there are two broad categories of Biryani: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Now, we know you're wondering, isn't veg biryani nothing but a pulao? 

No, unlike Biryani, pulao isn't cooked for a longer time. Also, Biryani contains much gravy, while pulao is a drier rice dish.

Biryanis are categorized based on the region: Lucknowi or Awadhi biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Kolkata biryani, Dindigul biryani, Memoni biryani, Thalassery biryani, Malabar Biryani, and Ambur biryani. 

We bring you the recipe for chicken biryani cooked dum pukht style. 

Marinate chicken in a bowl with garlic-green chili-ginger paste, curd, cumin powder, ground black peppercorns, red chili powder, and coriander powder. Let the chicken marinate for at least an hour.

Biryani is usually made with white rice, preferably Basmati rice. You may also use regular rice or even brown rice. Strain the water away once the rice is cooked.

In a stockpot, boil some water with a pinch of salt, bay leaves, green cardamoms, cloves, and a dash of oil. Soak some rice in water and add the rice to boiling water. Make sure you rinse the rice before soaking it.

You may even use a rice cooker for cooking your rice.

Heat ghee or clarified butter in a pan before adding spices such as cloves, green cardamoms, bay leaves, black peppercorns, nutmeg, star anise, and cinnamon. 

Saute your spices until they turn aromatic. To this, add minced ginger and garlic. You may even grind them into a paste before adding.

Saute it for a few seconds before adding julienned onions. Saute your onions until golden brown.

Add spice grinds such as red chili powder, cumin powder, powdered garam masala, coriander powder, a pinch of turmeric, and Kashmiri chili powder. 

You may also add store-bought chicken masala and biryani masala. Add marinated chicken to this mix. Saute for a while. Add a little chicken broth or chicken stock and let it cook for some minutes, stirring occasionally.

If you don't have chicken broth or stock, add hot water. In another pan, caramelize some onions.

Once the chicken is cooked, it's time to assemble your dish! The best way to make your Biryani is in a clay pot. You may use a saucepan or stockpot.

Start layering your Biryani. Start with a bed of rice, followed by chicken and rice on top. Spread some caramelized onions, chopped mint, and cilantro or coriander.

Continue this process step by step until you get a final layer of rice. Sprinkle some caramelized onions, mint, and cilantro or coriander.

How to make saffron water for Biryani

One pinch of this red spice 10 to 12 strands threads in a cup of water with a pinch of sugar and salt.

You can also use milk instead of water.

In a cup, soak a pinch of this expensive spice in 3-4 tablespoons of milk. Sprinkle this Keshar milk on the top rice layer. 

Heat a piece of coal, and place it in a tiny bowl. Place the bowl on the rice and add a spoonful of ghee or butter before closing the lid of your pot shut immediately.

Seal the lid shut with flour dough so the heat doesn't escape. Cook on a low flame for a long time. This process is called the dum pukht style.

Serve your Biryani hot with a side dish of 'kachumber' or raita. To make raita, dice some onions, tomatoes, mint, cilantro, or coriander, and add 1/4 cup of curd (dahi).

Biryani is a gluten-free yet flavorful way of cooking rice. Honestly, Biryani isn't merely a way of preparing rice; it's a way of celebrating it!

Why Saffron is used for Biryani

The excellent quality of this spice is always necessary for multiple chefs who cook Biryani. It enhances the aroma and its dyeing(coloring) effects.

 It gives nice natural color to the biryani rice and a tempting aroma.

How much Saffron should be used in 1kg of Mutton Biryani

It depends on which quality of kesar you are using in your cuisine if you prepare 1 kg Mutton biryani with the same ratio of mutton, rice, dahi(curd) & onion.

Most people use the unauthentic one due to ignorance while buying. But Suppose you are using our Alphonsomango Saffron, which is purely authentic with a GI tag certificate. 

In that case, you require ten to twelve strands or threads soaked in a cup of milk for more than 30 mins. 

For the best result, please soak this adorable red spice overnight. It will give your Biryani a superior aroma, taste, and color. 

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