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Bhimseni Kapoor

Other Names of Bhimseni Kapoor

Other Names of Bhimseni Kapoor

Bhimseni Kapoor, also known as Desi Kapoor or Borneo Camphor, is the purest form of camphor.

It is a white, waxy substance with a strong, aromatic odour. It is obtained from the resinous wood of the Dryobalanops camphora tree, which is native to the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

Buy Bhimseni Kapoor Online

It has been used for centuries in religious and spiritual ceremonies, as well as in aromatherapy and traditional medicine.

It is believed to have many beneficial properties, including:

  • Purifying the air and removing negative energy
  • Promoting relaxation and reducing stress
  • Boosting the immune system and fighting off infection
  • Reducing inflammation and pain
  • Relieving congestion and respiratory problems

It is also a popular ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics. It is known for its unique, sweet fragrance and ability to retain its aroma for long periods.

Uses of Bhimseni Kapoor

  • Religious and spiritual ceremonies: It is often burned during religious and spiritual traditions to create a sacred atmosphere and purify the space. It is also used in offerings to deities.
  • Aromatherapy: It can be used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. It can also be used to relieve congestion and respiratory problems.
  • Traditional medicine: It is used in conventional medicine to treat various conditions, including inflammation, pain, respiratory problems, and skin conditions.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics: It is a popular ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics for its unique, sweet fragrance and ability to retain its aroma for long periods.

How to Use Bhimseni Kapoor

It can be used in a variety of ways.

  • To burn Bhimseni Kapoor: Place a small piece of this on a charcoal tablet or in a camphor burner. Light the charcoal tablet or camphor burner and enjoy the fragrance.
  • To use Bhimseni Kapoor in aromatherapy, Add a few drops of oil from this to a diffuser or a warm bath.
  • To use Bhimseni Kapoor in traditional medicine, Follow the instructions of your healthcare provider.
  • To use Bhimseni Kapoor in perfumes and cosmetics: Follow the manufacturer's instructions.


It is generally safe for most people, but it is important to use it in moderation. Avoid inhaling it directly, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.


It is a versatile and beneficial substance with many uses. It is a popular choice for religious and spiritual ceremonies, aromatherapy, traditional medicine, and perfumes and cosmetics.

If you are looking for pure and natural camphor with a wide range of benefits, Bhimseni Kapoor is a great option.

Other Names

Aarti Kapoor

Aarti natural Kapoor

Barus camphor

Bheemasenee Kapoor

Bhīmasēnī kapūra - ਭੀਮਸੇਨੀ ਕਪੂਰ in Punjabi

Bhimsen camphor

Bhimsen Kapoor

Bhimsen Kapur

Bhimseni camphor

Bhimseni camphor Original

Bhimseni camphor pure

Bhimseni camphor pure original

Bhimseni Kapoor

Bhimseni Kapoor edible

Bhimseni Kapoor Original

Bhimseni Kapur

Bhimseni Kapura

Bhimseni natural insect repellent

Bhiseni Kapoor

Borneo camphor


Cinnamomum camphor

Cinnamomum camphora 

Cinnamomum Kapoor

Desi camphor

Desi Kapoor

Desi Kapur

Dryobalanops camphora

Edible Kapoor

Grade A Desi Camphor

Isoborneol Flakes

Kapoor Tulsi


Karpoora Nirajanam


Malay camphor

Natural Bhimsenicamphor

Natural Camphor

Natural Kapoor

Original Camphor

Pacha Kapoor

Pacha Karpuram

Pachai Karpooram


Puja Kapoor

Sumatran camphor

Tulsi Kapoor

White natural Kapoor

Hindi भीमसेन कपूर, देसी कपूर

Marathi भीमसेन कपूर

Gujarati ભીમસેન કપૂર

Bengali ভীমসেন কাপুর

Telugu భీమసేని కర్పూరం, పచ్చ కర్పూరం

Tamil பீமசேனி கற்பூரம், பச்சை கற்பூரம்

Kannada ಭೀಮಸೇನಿ ಕರ್ಪೂರ

Malayalam ഭീമസേനി കര്‍പ്പൂരം

Punjabi ਭੀਮਸੇਨ ਕਪੂਰ

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