Why alphonso mango is costly

why alphonso mango is costly

Why Is alphonso mango costly

Alphonso Mango is a King of all fruits in India and World wide Hapus Mango which is majorly grown in Maharashtra. 

Our beloved Alphonso Mango is now GI tag certified for Maharashtra Konkan Region.

Which is grown in Sindhudurga(Devgad), Ratnagiri, Thane, Raigad, & Palghar district only.

It is known for its peculiar mesmerizing sweet tangy delicious taste.

Our Alphonso mangoes are naturally ripened without any using any chemicals like Calcium carbide. Know more about artificially ripened Alphonso Mangoes

Hapus Mango Fruit cultivation is very susceptible to mother nature in current scenario there were multiple storms, rains and difference in the climate at various stage.

So it has changed the cycle of Alphonso Mangoes earlier we use to deliver our first box in the Month of November in Diwali. 

But Since so many years now it has got delayed cycle. There are lots of natural problems which impact the harvesting.

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    With our stringent policies we harvest mangoes only on Brahma Muhurta which starts at 3.10 am which we stop before sunrise which is generally happens between 6.30 am to 6.50 am.

    As per our policy we harvest only hand harvested mangoes means  it is 70 % to 75% ripe only they are near to ripe and matured hence they are harvested.

    Among this harvest we sort it by our strict sorting and grading principles wherein we reject nearly 25 to 30% mangoes which are sent to canning.

    Now the rest mangoes which are good in shape, size and grammage are sorted and graded filled and arranged with grass haystack in crates.

    We transport these mangoes by our special refer van to our Mumbai and Pune Hub to maintain the quality of Alphonso Mangoes from heat and damage during transport to our main hub.

    Our Mumbai and Pune hub is a place from where we deliver mangoes to Pan India.

    Our Pan India Transport is done again by Air so that we maintain mangoes quality at each and every available points.

    The size of these Hapus mangoes is about 3 to 6 inches and they are in even shape.

    Its skin after ripening is yellow and best mesmerizing color of ripened Alphonso mangoes are golden yellow with red hue if they are facing to sun in the east side of our farms.

    As first Sunrise lights fall on this mangoes which gives the red hue to those fruits who are facing in east side of our farms. 

    There are multiple reasons like short season or natural calamities which impact in higher prices of Alphonso Mangoes.

    Generally as a thumb rule Alphonso Mangoes are cheaper during April and May Month.