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Pecan Nuts During Pregnancy - AlphonsoMango.in

Pecan Nuts During Pregnancy

Pecan Nuts during Pregnancy

From trying to conceive to labor pain, you have many daily changes.

Your body and food with morning sickness, mood swings, and everyday nausea changes.

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Pregnancy is the time when you have to think of not only you but also your baby.

Those days are a bundle of joy. 

You are inquisitive about what to eat, what to avoid, and which food will help your baby in the womb.

How much does your diet change during pregnancy?

Not only are you changing your food to manage the effects of morning sickness, but also important to understand which food your choices affect the health and growth of you and your baby.

A balanced diet and maintaining healthy food during pregnancy are essential to caring for yourself and your little bundle of joy.

What is the role of Nuts during Pregnancy?

Nuts are a great choice to munch on during your pregnancy. 

It might be morning hunger pangs or evening hunger pangs of your favorite junk foods.

Since Nuts are a storehouse of 

Healthy fat 

Healthy fats in pregnancy are essential for building a baby's proper eye and brain development.


Proteins have a vital role in your pregnancy. 

They help the growth of new and repair damaged tissues.

It starts creating antibodies for the baby's immune system. 

Making enzymes and hormones.


During pregnancy, all nutrients play an important role.

But these six nutrient minerals play a key role in your baby's growth and development during pregnancy:


Calcium is a mineral that helps your baby's teeth, heart, nerves develop, bones, and muscles.

During pregnancy, you need around 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily.

You can get this required amount by taking your food or prenatal vitamin capsules or eating natural nuts and food with much calcium.


In pregnancy, while you enjoy those days, the blood volume in your body increases as you are not single now. You are two.

So does the need for an amount of iron increase?

You need at least 27 milligrams of iron during this period.

Your body uses iron to supply more oxygen through the blood to your baby.

You might be anemic during pregnancy if you don't have iron stores in your body. 

You need to get enough iron sources during pregnancy.  

Folic acid

From Conceiving to baby formation days in your womb during early pregnancy, folic acid helps form the neural tube.

Folic acid plays an important aspect that can help prevent major congenital disabilities of the baby's brain, called anencephaly

In medical terms, this folic acid also forms the spine, called Spina Bifida.

The neural tube forms the early spine and brain.

Your daily intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid is required during pregnancy.

DHA Omega -3 Fatty Acid

Omega 3 fatty acid supports a baby's eyes, brain & nervous system development.

Daily DHA has improved birth weight, and preterm labor supports childbirth in new mothers.

During pregnancy, you need at least 200 milligrams of this powerful omega-3 fatty acid daily to support the development of your baby and you.

Vitamin D.

Generally, every person needs vitamin D. 

Which is absorbed naturally through food or the sun directly.

Vitamin D absorbs calcium and the right amount of phosphate.

It is one of the top 6 important minerals in pregnancy as it helps develop your baby's kidneys, heart, teeth, bones, and nervous system.


Nutrition like iodine in mothers during pregnancy if it is low, which is associated with increased risk of loss in pregnancy and infant mortality.

Iodine is one of the essential nutrients that make thyroid hormones.

A baby's normal brain development requires a satisfactory thyroid hormone in pregnancy.


Eating good fiber-rich foods during lactation and pregnancy helps decrease diabetes risk, prevent constipation, and promote heart health.

Eating fiber-rich food reduces the risks of high blood pressure (hypertension) disorder that can occur during pregnancy risks and provides nutrient‐rich food with low energy density.

Nuts during Pregnancy  

Protein, fiber, and minerals. Plus, they're nutrient-dense food, so you don't have to eat a lot to satisfy your hunger.

It is ideal for those pregnant women who struggle with nausea or tend to get full quickly toward the end of pregnancy.

Pecan nuts are delicious and packed with nutrients that can offer a range of health benefits. 

Here are ten amazing health benefits of pecans:

1. Natural source of antioxidants that can help protect the body against damage from free radicals.

2. Improve cholesterol levels by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

3. Help lower blood pressure by keeping arteries healthy and relaxed.

4. Prevent cognitive decline by improving blood flow to the brain.

5. Protect against type 2 diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. 

6. Reduce cancer risk by fighting against harmful toxins and free radicals.

7. Help improve joint health by reducing inflammation.

8. Aid in weight loss efforts by helping to regulate appetite and metabolism.

9. Help improve gut health by promoting regularity and preventing constipation.

Versatile and delicious pecan nut that offers multiple health benefits during pregnancy.

So, you can add them to your pregnancy diet today and enjoy their goodness!

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