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Buy Pecan Nuts Online Looking for a delicious and healthy snack? Consider buying pecan nuts online from us! Buy Pecan Nut They are the best source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, making them an ideal snack for those looking to maintain their health. Pecan Nuts Online Plus, they're delicious! Order your nuts today and enjoy a nutritious snack that tastes great. They are packed with protein and antioxidants. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. It contains high levels of oleic acid, which is considered heart-healthy. We offer premium quality at affordable prices. Order your Nuts Pecan today and enjoy a healthy and delicious snack! Healthy Pecan nuts for Diabetics. These nuts have a very low glycemic index, so they don't cause spikes in blood sugar levels. It is good news for diabetes who must carefully monitor their blood sugar levels. They are also a good source of fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels. To protect our cells in the body from damage, the Antioxidants in these nuts are important. Help prevent chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. It contains several different types of antioxidants, including vitamin E and beta-carotene. They are a healthy choice for people who are trying to lose weight. They are high-fat food. Buy Pecan Nuts online.  Premium quality nuts imported from Mexico from us today, and enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack! Pecan Nuts Nutritional facts 100 grams  Glycemic Index 10 Calories 719 Fat 72.9 grams Saturated fat 10.1 grams Unsaturated fat 62.8 grams Trans fat 0 grams Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 0 mg Potassium 0 mg Carbohydrates 13.6 grams Fiber 9.5 grams Sugar 3.1 grams Protein 9.2 grams Vitamin A 0% DV* Vitamin C 0% DV Vitamin D 0% DV Vitamin B6 20% DV Folate 6% DV Pantothenic acid 12% DV Choline 14% DV Calcium 4% DV Iron 11% DV Magnesium 14% DV Zinc 10% DV Selenium 54% DV The FDA developed DVs to help consumers compare the nutrient contents of foods within the context of a total diet .*DV = Daily Value. The DV for fat is 65 grams per day.
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Buy Dried Prunes Online Dried plum is referred to as prunes. Only special plums can be converted into it. Dried Plum Dried prunes are a great source of fiber and potassium. Buy Prunes Online They can help you regulate your digestion and keep your blood pressure in check. They`re a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect your body against disease. Dried Prunes Near me Dried prunes are also a natural way to increase your iron intake, which is important for maintaining energy levels. Purchase dried prunes online today with us and enjoy the many health benefits they offer! Dried Prunes They are deep black in color, wrinkled, and have black seeds. It is appropriate for vegans and for those who are gluten intolerant. Prunes have a laxative effect due to their high sorbitol content. They May Help Manage Diabetes. They promote bone health. Dried Prunes Online Dried Prunes contain compounds that may have anticancer effects. California Pitted Prunes are low in calories and fat-free. It may improve exercise performance. Dried prunes make a healthy, sweet, and chewy snack perfect for on-the-go munching or satisfying your dessert cravings. Dried Pitted Prunes are packed with fiber and antioxidants, and dried prunes may offer several health benefits, including improved digestion and bone health. Plus, they make a convenient and portable.  Dried Plumberry fruit  Gifting them to your dear ones will benefit their health and satisfy their taste buds. Dry Plum Fruit Pitted Dried Prunes It is recommended to be consumed while observing fast as they boost energy.  HOW TO USE   Prunes are a very suitable option if one wants a nutritious snack. They can be consumed by themselves without adding to any other thing. These fruits go along well with chocolate. They are added to various baked products like brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, etc. Garnishing can be done using them.  Salads are also enhanced by their inclusion. They are also added to pesto and various sauces.   Dried Prunes During Pregnancy In the first trimester of pregnancy, most women experience anxiety. Consuming dried prunes during pregnancy encourages improvement in digestion and fights fatigue. They are recommended to be eaten during pregnancy. One must consume only two or three days. The presence of selenium in them protects the fetus from any congenital disabilities. Dried Prunes Health Benefits These high-fiber fruits are good gut cleaners and help detoxify your body problems related to the digestive system as kept at bay by its consumption. The high content of fiber and low content of carbohydrates curb unnecessary cravings, thus, reducing the calorie intake.   Hence it is recommended for people who are looking forward to losing weight. Cholesterol levels are kept in control by their consumption. Thus, cardiovascular diseases are not to be worried about this. The antioxidants reduce oxidative strain and fight against cell damage and aging, adding a natural glow to your skin. They are also beneficial in dealing with colon cancer as they fight against carcinogenic cells. NUTRIENTS It has low-fat and high dietary fiber content, followed by carbohydrates and sugar. Sodium and Potassium electrolytes are also present in them. Minerals like iron and magnesium, with various vitamins like vitamin C and B6, are present. Nutritional values per 100 Grams Fruit Prunes Calories 239 Glycemic Index 29   Quantity % Daily Value* Energy 997 KJ (239 kcal) Total Fat 0.2 g 0% Saturated fat    0.2 g   0 % Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g 0.6%  Monounsaturated fat 0 g 0.4%  Cholesterol 0 mg 0% Sodium 2.1 mg 0% Potassium 737 mg 23% Total Carbohydrate 63g 20% Dietary fiber   6.9 g 22% Sugar       34 g   Protein 2.1 g 3% Vitamins Vitamin A equivalent 0 μg 0% beta-Carotene 5.2 μg 0% lutein zeaxanthin 94 mg 7% Thiamine (B1) 0.01 g 1% Riboflavin (B2) 0.32 mg 0% Niacin (B3) 0.52 mg 1% Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.47 mg 0.7% Vitamin B6 7.41 mg 9% Folate (B9) 0.3 μg 0% Vitamin B12 0 μg 0% Choline 4.5 mg 3% Vitamin C 0.2 mg 1% Vitamin E 1.57 mg 1% Vitamin K 2.72 μg 0% Minerals Calcium  43 mg 4% Copper 0.1mg 0% Iron 0.93 mg 4% Magnesium 17mg 13% Manganese 0.1 mg 0% Phosphorus 0.3 mg 0% Potassium 47 mg 1.3% Selenium   0.2 mcg 0% Sodium 3.1 mg 0% Zinc 0.09 mg 0% Other Constituents Water 13.7 Lycopene 0 *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Units :  μg = micrograms, mg = milligrams, IU = International units †Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults. Source: USDA Nutrient Database ALLERGIC CONTENT  It is a potent allergic food that might trigger various immune reactions from moderate to critical. Those who are allergic to Prunes, please avoid this. Please consult your doctor before consumption if you have any allergies. STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE Prunes easily last up to half a year if stored in a refrigerator. If you have opened the sachet, make sure to store them in an airtight canister; otherwise, you will lose its freshness.
Godambi - Marking Nut
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Godambi - Marking Nuts Godambi is a near cousin of Cashew nuts, a healthy munching diet. Means in Marathi, the inner kernel of Bibba, an identical cousin from the cashew nut family available from Konkan. Semecarpus Anacardium Seeds A nutrient-full cousin of cashew nut, the best crunchy nuts are beneficial for regaining energy.   Bhilawa Seeds Magaj Kernel These are Indian Native trees like Semecarpus Anacardium, commonly known as marking nut tree, varnish tree, and phobia nut tree.  What is Marking Nut - Godambi It was roasted with salt for eating, reddish-white in the outer shell, and white when the husk peeled out.  Best add-on diet for post-pregnancy lactating women After the baby's delivery, these seeds are prepared with nutritious laddu as a dessert or eaten directly as munch nuts. The Nuts with the best results for both female and male genitals  Seeds have been used with medicinal values since the ancient ages For blood pressure respiration cancer It has shown a noticeable impact on illnesses related to the heart, blood pressure, respiration, cancer, and neurological disorder.  It also helps as the best digestive tract supplement used for multiple skin problems.  For Inflammation It helps you reduce Inflammation by massaging joints with pain by taking out the oil. For the reproductive system Aphrodisiac with Sweet taste, for sexual power, with multiple nutrients. Reports have shown with nutrients and vitamins. It is closely related to cashew nuts. Ancient Ayurveda is preferred for the female reproductive system. It benefits the Genital systems of Males and Females. Godambi for Skin problems   As per Ayurveda, it is Kusthaghna, which means Herbs or seeds are used for skin disorders. It helps in Skin related disorders and ailments. Godambi seeds for Diabetes In Ayurveda, this seed is used for the treatment of Diabetes. It helps lower Blood Glucose with excellent medicinal properties like Anacardic acid and bhilawanols. It also possesses bioflavonoids, glycosides, phenolics, and sterols, which allows you to prevent Diabetes. These will also help you replace your junk food diet with seeds, like chips, burgers, and pizza. Godambi effect on Tridosha It helps balance your Vata and Pitta Dosha and Improves Kapha Dosha as per Ayurveda texts. Godambi a Vegan Diet The best protein form is raw foods without animal products, a Vegan diet.  Vegan food is a replacement for proteins and nutrients. Other sound sources contain crab, lobster, oysters, and meat.  These seeds are a nutritional vegan substitute for eggs, meat, and fish. When to eat Marking nuts in the morning or evening?  A proper dosage by doctors is 20 grams (one tablespoon of these seeds),  If your fiber intake is reduced, then there might be digestion system adverse effects. Product Specification  High-Quality Kernels of these Seeds Price – Slightly Cheaper than other premium nuts with terrific nutritious and medicinal values Non-Split, non-damaged Origin from India Foreign bodies are less than 0.1 %  With a white interior color and reddish-brown in the outer husk. Edible Oval and Flat.  If consumed correctly, it is the best source of health benefits with tremendous results. It has a buttery taste with crispy and crunchy bites. You can include it in a gluten-free diet. Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) Fulfill your spicy snacks cravings when you are hungry Good food increases sexual power to help increase sperm count. It helps the reproductive system with Proteins, Vitamins, and minerals. Lower fat content in these seeds helps with heart disease.  Godambi dry fruit in English This dry seed fruit in English means marking a nut. Which is a cashew nut family cousins Bhilawa Seeds Magaj Kernel-Semecarpus Anacardium Seeds-Bhilawa Magaj-Biba Storage Information  Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight after opening the packet. Pack in a clean airtight container after opening the packaging.  During Pregnancy It would help if you avoided it during pregnancy,  Excess use of this may induce abortion in pregnant women. To be consumed only by consulting your Doctors during pregnancy.  Those Allergic to this These originally raw seeds have oil if burned and in contact with your skin. Please avoid these Seeds if you intend to have allergies.  Consult a doctor before the consumption of this product.
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Ole Kaju - Fresh Cashews (Sun-dried) Ole Kaju or Fresh Cashew or Tender Cashew Nut, is the inner kernel of cashew seed cut from the cashew apple for making multiple vegetable recipes like Kaju chi ussal or bibbe upkari & more. Looking for Jumbo Size Cashew Nuts? Buy here Tender Cashew Nuts  Tender cashew nuts are cut, peeled on our farms, packed, and sent to our Mumbai packhouse. Bibbe Upkari  Bibbe or Bibbo means tender cashew nuts, hand-harvested from cashew apples after removing the outer cover or inner kernel from Kaju.  Premium Cashew Nuts W180 While Upkari means vegetables, mostly Bibbe upkari in the coastal part of Maharashtra to Karnataka is prepared with Ivy Gourd, which means tondli or tendli.  Chilka Wala Kaju You can even eat this Kaju directly. They are neither roasted nor peeled. They are typical chilka wala cashew (cashew with skin). Ole Kaju a Konkan Delicacy Dehydrated Tender Cashews can come to their original form by soaking them in water for 6 to 8 hours. You can eat it directly by washing and peeling the skin. It is called Tender Cashew (Kaju Bibbo).  How do you store Ole Kaju?  You can easily store Raw Cashew or Ole Kaju for over a year. You need to follow the below steps. Once you get the pack of cashews, you can either keep your vacuum-sealed bag in a dark, cool place or dry environment where sunlight doesn't reach easily. You can also store it in the freezer. You can also keep it in the fridge for five to six months. Traditionally in our village, a small coat of red soil is stored and dried in sun rays for 3 to 4 days.   Other Names Bibbe Upkari Cashew kernels tender Cashew Nut Curry Cashew tender Cashew tender Kerala Curry Cashew nuts Dehydrated Bibbo Dehydrated Tender Cashew Dry Kaju Bibbo Dry Tender Cashews Gilla Kaju Kaju Bibbo Ole Cashew Ole Cashewnut Ole Kaju Tender cashew Tender cashew fruit Tender cashew nut in konkani Tender cashew nuts Tender cashew upkari Tender Cashewnut 
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Buy Black Raisins: The Sweet and Nutritious Snack Black raisins, known as kali kishmish, are a dried grape known for its sweet flavour and chewy texture. They are a good source of protein, fibre, and vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, and calcium. They are also a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the body from damage. Also known as Black Raisins Black Kishmish Kala Manuka Kali Kishmish Raisins Black Black manukka Kali kishmish Kali drank Dried Fruit Raisins Telugu Endudraksa or ఎండుద్రాక్ష Black Raisins Online Our farms in Nashik use no sulfur or harmful chemicals. Black Raisins water benefits Soaked Raisin water prevents anaemia as it is a great source of Iron and Copper. It also helps detox your body. It is also said as Kali Kismis ke faide. Kali Kishmish Keep your stomach fit and fine. Health Benefits  The Grape Research Institute developed the hybrid variety in Pune. They relished their sweet flavour around the world. Its source traces the old English times when raisins came to light as grapes in French, which were mentioned as dry grapes in those days. Luxurious antioxidant properties also have a very high concentration of anthocyanin that benefits skin hair and anti-ageing and reduces aches and inflammation.  Improved digestion: They are a good source of fibre, which can help to improve digestion and prevent constipation. Boosted immune system: They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, and calcium. These nutrients are essential for a strong immune system. Promoted heart health: Good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the heart from damage. Regulated blood sugar levels: Good source of fibre and have a low glycemic index. This means that they do not cause blood sugar levels to spike rapidly. Increased energy levels: Good source of carbohydrates and natural sugars. These nutrients can help to provide quick and sustained energy. Black raisins for Conceiving They are sun-dried without Sulphur dioxide. Black Manuka It is often consumed raw also. It is also used for Cakes, munching snacks, dry fruits for babies, home wine brewing, and soaked water. He is also used in various Indian and International nutritious recipes. Product Description   The agricultural produce of India Alphonsomango offers excellent quality, hand-picked from the vineyards of Nashik. Natural snacks with a perfect nutrient profile  Best for cravings for healthy snacks. A healthy choice for all, even for diabetic or general people They are residue-free and, therefore, black. Their delicious, sweet taste makes them a natural substitute for candy. 100% Natural, authentically grown This dry fruit's nutrients, fibres, vitamins, minerals, potassium, and antioxidants make them the healthiest and yummiest snacks. Alphonsomango offers a wide range of packaging options, including packs of 200 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg. A natural blood purifier for healthy skin helps free from impurities and protects the skin cells. It helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood by regulating BP naturally. It helps in bowel movements and digestion, has high dietary fibre, reduces acidity, and increases immunity. It helps to avoid premature ageing and helps promote hair health. They are high in natural fructose sugar with a low glycemic index (GI). The Healthy snacks option for instant evening snacks Indian natural snacks or morning breakfast. High dietary fibre, no gluten, Non-genetically modified, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol. Soft, chewy, and sweet, making it Perfect natural bites for your fussy eater. Little ones who can consume while crawling here and there. It can eradicate above ten months of kids who can chew. Take to a doctor's consultation before starting for your kids. Nutritional values per 100 Grams Storage Directions:  Please keep it in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and sunlight.  Store the contents of the packet in an Airtight Container once opened.  Six months from the date of packing How to eat them They can be eaten independently, added to yoghurt, oatmeal, cereal, or used in baking and cooking. They are also a popular ingredient in trail mix and energy bars. Here are a few ideas for how to incorporate them into your diet: Sprinkle them on your yoghurt, oatmeal, or cereal for a sweet and nutritious boost. Add them to your smoothies and shakes to boost fibre and energy. Use them in baking and cooking to add a sweet and fruity flavour to your favourite recipes. Snack on them throughout the day for a healthy and delicious energy boost. Storage: Store them in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. They will keep for up to 6 months. Order your Kala manukka today and experience the many benefits of these delicious and nutritious dried grapes! Synonyms for Black Raisin 
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Mazafati Dates Online - Iranian Date - Kimia Dates Premium Mazafati Dates Palm tree is a natural category in Iran called Kimia dates or Bam dates.  Mazafati Dates  A long time ago, you will find references for these in our old textbooks brought to India for sale by many traders who came to India for trade from the Middle East.  Kimia Khajur According to many books and historians, the date palm tree was first seen or came from the country now called Iraq. Kimia Dates (Kimia Khajur) Kimia Dates are a Fresh Harvest that is Imported directly from UAE. Kimia Dates  It is packed in a fine classy box with a hinge & lock mechanism for the box. These boxes are made from Food-grade quality material and are transparent in color. You can store it in the freezer. It is safe if required & boxes are washable. With a pleasant caramel taste and is one of the natural, most delectable gifts. They are a bit medium-sized soft, and chewy with a dark brown to black color with a moist texture. It is a natural product or Plant fruit with no artificial flavors, artificial flavors, or Preservatives. These are sourced from the middle east UAE. There are natural and tasty snacks for your kids and adults like you. It helps and boosts instant energy. It can be used by Post operations patients and others who want to gain weight and Post gym workouts for muscle building. Mazafati dates buy online. Now buy this product online in India. We deliver Pan India almost all pin codes in India. Irani Khajoor Dried Fruits  Irani Khajoor is one of the best date fruits packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Good for Heart Health and Heart disease with little fats and cholesterol. They are low Glycemic Index food with a 48 Glycemic Index, packed with a lot of taste and sweetness in a small bite. They're a natural, tasty fructose source, a natural sugar found in these dates. Some health professionals say eating one Mazafati Khajoor daily is right for your health. You can eat these as your favorite snacks and fast energy booster. You could find it as a bit of Medical advice from many dietitians; they will suggest you add in various diet plans. There are many other ways to eat dates as often as consumed directly, but one can eat them in various culinary dishes for taste and better results. However, They are delicious in fiber. It satisfies your sweet tooth. If eaten in moderation, Diabetics can use it as an energy booster. They contain 1.83-5.3% protein, 65.5% carbohydrates, 6.8-9.32% fat, 7.17-9% moisture, 0.89-1.57% ash, and 6.4-13.6% fiber, as well as estrone, sterols, and an alkali-soluble polysaccharide. Bone Health Mazafati Dates contain good mineral sources like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. They are perfect for bones and help potentially prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis in our bodies.  Weight Gain Dried fruits like fresh dates, currants, apricots, prunes, sultanas, figs, and raisins contain high calories. It helps to become an excellent option for healthy weight gain. This dry fruit packs 3–4 times more micronutrients and vitamins. Varieties of dates help muscle building and act like energy balls that you could prepare at home or call khajur laddu. Alzheimer's Disease This dried fruit may help prevent plaques and reduce inflammation from developing in the brain, which is important for preventing Alzheimer's disease. Khajoor for Pregnant Women It helps promote lower and ease labor pain for pregnant women when eaten during the last weeks of pregnancy by Pregnant women. It also contains Vitamin K and Iron, which are required for a fetus to grow. Those who are allergic to this, please avoid this from your diet. Would you mind consulting with the doctor before eating this? They are high in fiber. It may help in preventing blood sugar levels and constipation. It helps Strengthen your Nervous System. Mazafati Date Specification • Name: Mozafati or Mazafati Dates or Bam Dates or Irani Khajoor • Variety: Semi Fresh and Fresh  • Color: Black • Shape: Thick, Oval • Skin: Very Thin, Soft, Flat, fleshy, and Fully-cling to the flesh • Size: Small, Medium & Large • Moisture: 14% – 25 % • Usage: Used more for direct consumption. • Place of Origin: Iran Recipes we can make with Mazafati Dates. Dates Syrup: Date syrup contains top iron levels that effectively treat anemia, and its high fiber is crucial in treating constipation. Many more recipes like:-  Chocolate-Covered Stuffed Dates  Coconut Date Energy Bites. Coconut Date Bars Banana-Date Smoothie Mazafati dates Price
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Kashmiri Lahsun Single Clove Garlic A hand-picked rare single clove garlic is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas & Kashmir Snow Mountain Garlic.  Know with multiple names like Ek pothi Garlic(Lahsun). Jammu Garlic The Best Himalayan water, fresh air, and soil are naturally healthy due to the high altitude geographical location.   Buy Kashmiri Garlic Online Best for mountaineers used to swallow it to maintain peripheral circulations, increase oxygenation capacity and energy level and detoxify their bodies in severely cold weather. Kashmiri garlic Nutrition  It is a good source of Natural Minerals and Vitamins like calcium, Vitamin C, B1& B6, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and copper.  Healthy Single Clove Kashmiri Lahsun with Alliin Garlic contains the enzymes alliinase and Alliin (a natural constituent of garlic) combined to form the compound allicin when the cloves are crushed or minced.  It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties. Allicin is the blend that gives garlic its pungent smell and health benefits. How To Consume Peel 2 to 3 pearls of Kashmiri Lahsun and remove the outer cover every day in the early morning on an empty stomach. Peel the shell only when you are going to consume it immediately. Buy Kashmiri Garlic Online  Do not bite open or chew the shell. Avoid contact with eyes and nose mucus membranes as Alliin is spicy. Storage Do not store it in the refrigerator. Keep open in an airtight container.  Don't peel and keep these garlic cloves to maintain their freshness.  Keep in a Dry and cool place, which might be away from direct sunlight.
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Buy Kokum Online Kokum Rind Discover the unique, tangy flavour of Kokum Rind Online. Our naturally sun-dried, premium-quality, handpicked Aamsul comes from Konkan, Maharashtra. Add this versatile spice to your favourite curry or chutney for a memorable sweet and tangy flavour. It Is a tropical fruit native to the Western Ghats region of India. They are used in multiple cuisines for its sweet and tangy taste and flavour. The mesmerizing sweet and sour fruit is small and round, with a reddish-purple colour and a hard outer shell. Kokum Fruit The berry fruit is good for your health. A digestive spice that also treats various ailments with healthy properties. They interact with and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage. It is a fruit native to India commonly used in cooking and medicine. Familiar with its sour taste, it is often used as a substitute for tamarind or vinegar in recipes. It is often added to seafood and vegetarian or Vegan dishes to enhance their taste and provide a subtle acidity. It has health benefits, including aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. It has culinary and medicinal uses. It acts as a souring agent in curries, a drink flavouring, and a natural food colouring agent. Discover the enchanting flavours of the Kokum fruit, a tropical treasure cherished for its tangy-sweet taste and numerous health benefits where it thrives under the warm, low Sun and fertile soils. With its vibrant crimson colour and refreshing flavour profile, the Kokum fruit is a delightful addition to your culinary adventures. Grown naturally and harvested at peak ripeness. Ensuring optimal freshness and superior quality. Carefully handpicked with a guarantee that you receive the best nature has to offer—used in multiple dishes, both savoury and sweet. To elevate the taste and add a unique twist. Whether you're an avid cook or health-conscious, our Kokum fruit is a must-have ingredient. Use it to enhance your curries, sauces, jams, beverages, and desserts. Its distinct tanginess will enliven your taste buds and leave you craving more. Experiment with this exotic fruit and discover a world of culinary possibilities. Wonderful red fruit spice from Konkan, used in culinary arts for tangy taste curries, candies, beverages, pickles, and more. You can also prepare Sol kadhi using this spice. It is a traditional acidity medicine from the Konkan belt of India. Buy Kokum Online It looks like a small cherry tomato-style red and purple fruit when it ripens. It is a refreshing drink called Sol Kadhi, made by mixing these berry juices with coconut milk and spices. Fresh ripe fruit called Ratamba in Konkan. Dried fruit called Aamsul or Dry Kokum. They are used in all houses in Gujarat, Konkan, Goa, and some parts of Kolkata. Kokum Dry The fruit looks like a sun-dried Mangosteen outer cover to get aamsul. Kokum Fruit Online | Kokum Online It substitutes tamarind and tomato in most sea belts in part of India. Semi-dried fruits from Konkan are soaked in water. Buy Kokum Butter Online You can take this pulp, called extract, and use this in your curries, especially in fish and veg. Mangosteen family plant Its Latin name, Garcinia Indica, is found in Maharashtra and the Konkan belt. Some of the Best dishes are Bhindi sabji (ladyfinger vegetable) or hooman of prawn, a goan prawn curry. Kokum sherbet and Sol Kadhi  You can prepare sarbat or Kokum Juice with this fruit by adding an equal part of sugar. Keep this mixture under the Sun for 5 to 6 days to make a bright-red squash. One part of this bright red squash and the (Aagal in Konkani / Marathi). You can add three parts of water to make a nice beverage called Kokum Sarbat.  In Marathi recipes, you can also use it as Ambat Varan (Ambat varan or Sour Dal). Assamese call it THEKERA or Assam Garciana and use patented Sour fish curry (masor Tenga) and Sour Dal (Tenga dali). We are naturally Growing on our farms in Konkan, Maharashtra. Natural and free from artificial colouring, dip in natural kokum agal as a preservative. Health Benefits of Kokum It is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular ingredient in health supplements. It also helps to aid digestion and change food to energy. It helps cholesterol levels positively. It may reduce the risk of heart disease. It can aid in weight loss because of its high fibre content. It also contains a compound called HCA (hydroxycitric acid), an appetite suppressant. Kokum Butter  Kokum oil seeds extract a very good natural butter for your skin called Kokum Butter.
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Cashew Nuts Medium Size W 240 Experience the ultimate in cashew nut excellence with our premium W320 cashews. Our hand-selected nuts are renowned for their exceptional quality, exquisite taste, and versatility.  Indulge in a symphony of flavours and textures that will tantalize your taste buds and treat yourself to the epitome of cashew indulgence. Cashew nuts are one of the best dry fruits for munching. W320 cashew nuts are a premium grade of cashew nuts known for their large size, uniform shape, and creamy white colour. They are also one of the most popular grades of cashew nuts on the market. W320 cashews are versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. They can be eaten raw, roasted, or salted. They can also be used in baking, cooking, and as a topping for salads and yoghurt. W320 cashews are a good source of nutrients, including protein, fibre, and healthy fats. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, copper, and manganese. Best for vegans Premium size Kaju It's an entirely natural gluten-free product.  Medium Size Jumbo Cashew Nuts  They are perfect for gifting loved ones during various festivals, especially Diwali. It boosts energy; Kaju Price Hence, they are ideal for consuming while observing fast.   GRADE: W240 Cashew Nuts  Depending on the cashews' size, shape, and quality, they are divided into different grades. W signifies that the cashew is 'whole' and not split or broken. W240 grade nuts are large and have a pale ivory colour. The number accompanied by it tells the number of nuts per pound. The lower the number, the larger the cashew. They are referred to as jumbo nuts. PREGNANCY They are recommended to be eaten during pregnancy due to various nutrients suitable for the baby's development. HEALTH BENEFITS Cashew nuts are packed with a lot of nutrition and goodness. Our eyes face various ill effects in the metropolitan environment with over-the-top contamination. They contain 'Zea Xanthin,' a fantastic antioxidant, and our retina absorbs it readily. The antioxidant forms a defensive layer, protecting our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. It is also found that macular degeneration in the older generation is kept at bay by the regular consumption of these nuts.  Iron is vital for forming red blood cells in the body; the nuts contain ample iron, reducing the risk of Anemia. Iron is also required to produce certain hormones in the body.  They contain oils that enhance your skin due to selenium, zinc, and some antioxidants. A considerable amount of selenium takes care of the free radicals known for causing cancer. Anti-diabetic properties are seen in cashews, making them ideal for people with diabetes. The monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats present in these nuts help fight bad cholesterol and, thus, reduce the risk of having heart-related diseases.  They contain magnesium, which is good for the skin and known to relax heart muscles, thus reducing the chances of having high blood pressure. Consumption of these nuts keeps your stomach full and aids in good metabolism. HOW TO USE Cashew nuts are consumed alone without cooking or adding to anything else. They get along well with all kinds of spicy or sweet dishes. They add a crunch and life to India's most loved dish, Biryani. They also incorporate sweet words like Sheer kurma, kheer, laddu, Etc.  Savoury food is also garnished with cashew nuts. They are a good companion to ice cream as well. STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE Cashew nuts easily last up to half a year if stored without moisture. If you have opened the packet, store it in an airtight container; otherwise, you will lose the cashew's crunchiness. NUTRIENTS (100 GRAMS) The major part of the cashew nuts consists of fat, about 44g later, followed by carbohydrates (33g) and protein (18g). It also contains about 3g of fiber and 2g of other  Nutritional values per 100 Grams Fruit W240 Cashew Calories 557 Glycemic Index 24   Quantity % Daily Value* Energy 785 KJ (187 kcal) Total Fat 45 g 64% Saturated fat   9 g 39% Polyunsaturated fat 27.9 g 43%  Monounsaturated fat 29.3 g 45%  Cholesterol 0 mg 0% Sodium 14 mg 0% Potassium 667 mg 18.5% Total Carbohydrate 29.8 g 8.9% Dietary fiber   2.8 g 14.2% Sugar    5.93 g   Protein 16.5 g 31.9% Vitamins Vitamin A equivalent 0 mg 0% beta-Carotene 0 μg 0% lutein zeaxanthin 21 μg 0% Thiamine (B1) 1.2 mg 5% Riboflavin (B2) 0.57 mg 1.2% Niacin (B3) 1.036 mg 4% Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.89 mg 15% Vitamin B6 0.4 mg 8% Folate (B9) 26.2μg 7% Vitamin B12 0 μg 0% Choline 6.5 mg 2.5% Vitamin C 0.2 mg 0% Vitamin E 5.1 mg 6% Vitamin K 650 μg 78% Minerals Calcium 36 mg 3.4% Copper 2.362 mg 2% Iron 6.83 mg 26% Magnesium 294 mg 76% Manganese 0.829 mg 27% Phosphorus 598 mg 57% Potassium 664 mg 64% Selenium 1.3 mcg 4.3% Sodium 11 mg 0% Zinc 5.49 mg 9.8% Other Constituents Water 2.72 Lycopene 0 *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Units :  μg = micrograms, mg = milligrams, IU = International units †Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults. Source: USDA Nutrient Database   ALLERGIC CONTENT It is a potent allergic food that might trigger various immune reactions from moderate to critical. What are the differences between W240 and Jumbo cashews? W240 cashews are large and have a pale ivory colour. The number accompanied by it tells the number of nuts per pound. The lower the number, the larger the cashew. They are referred to as jumbo nuts. On the other hand, W320 cashew nuts are a premium grade of cashew nuts known for their size, uniform shape, and creamy white colour. As the name suggests, Jumbo cashews are the largest variety available in the market. What is the recommended daily consumption of cashew nuts? The recommended daily consumption of cashew nuts is one ounce or 30 grams. This amount provides a good source of protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Health benefits of Cashew Nuts