Alphonso Mango price 2023?

Alphonso Mango Price in 2022

Alphonso Mango price 2023 

Usually, people keep asking one question, which can be in any terminology below.

Alphonso Mango Price 2023

But it is for King of Fruit Alphonso. They should always ask each other for tasty & juicy.

Alphonso Mangoes, or keep searching on Google and other search engines or any local vendor, Bhaiya, or Person from Konkan.

It might be the Devgad person, Ratnagiri Person, Kelshi, or the person might be Alibaug, or Murud.

Because Alphanso Mango is found in these places as an origin, people have a habit of asking what your village is and then asking the below questions.

Price of Alphonso Mango in India :

We keep talking to the farmers directly, collecting their mangoes with our logistic partners, and always trying to cut costs.

We try to deliver our best export quality, tasty, juicy Alphonso Mangoes or Hapus Amba at the best affordable price.

Our team always tries to get the best rates for you.

Now you still might have a Question.

Why Alphonso Mango's price is per dozen, why not per Kg?

Growing an Alphonso Mango is a tough time for each mango, which grown has lots of effort back to back.

One Mango tree which bears the fruits this year will bear Alphonso's fruit again after two years.

With lots of effort to cultivate these mangoes Organically, with relentless efforts like composting at the end of summer means in June every year.

Then always, the whole farm is cleaned and maintained three to four times so that the sun's rays fall directly on the land. 

These efforts start to get flowering the plant, and then they begin to maintain the crop like a small baby.

Although in this process, there are adverse factors like heavy rain in mid of January, no winter, or coldness in temperature.

Every step may hamper the result of tasty, juicy Mangoes. 

There are multiple factors like an attack by insects and Fruit flies on the mangoes.

Monkeys are the greatest destroyer who attacks mango orchards.

Who enters mango orchards wildly? Just jumping from one branch to another up and down impacts the mangoes, and smaller mangoes fall.

When Mangoes grow from the flowering stage to the fruiting stage, Monkeys eat some and destroy all mangoes majorly, which becomes a loss to all of our farmer friends.

Hence, all these factors affect the pricing and are a bit higher than other mangoes. And they are sold at a per piece, like per dozen price, not per kg price. While in an international location, it sold per kg, not per dozen, the price is still too high in export. 

We export to multiple countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and much more.

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Alphonso Mango Source of Vitamins

  • Alphonso mango fruit is the best source of vitamins like
  • Vitamin A – 1082 IU in 100 grams – 21 % of the Required Daily Value
    • Protects eyes from night blindness
    • Lowers risk of cancer like Breast cancer, Colon cancer, prostate cancer
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Boost Bone Health
    • Vitamin B 5 6.5 % of Required Daily Value
  • Helps in Malnutrition or excessive thinning, especially in Weight gain
  • Healthy nervous system
  • Helps Red blood cells
  • Help feel energetic
    • Vitamin B 6 – 119 mcg in 100 grams, 5 % of the Required Daily Value
  • Helps in Depression
  • Mood related issues
  • Reduce the chances of Alzheimer
  • Nausea during pregnancy
    • Vitamin C – 36.4 mg in 100 grams, 60 % of the Required Daily Value
  • Promotes growth development, repair of body tissues
  • Absorption of Iron in the body
  • Immune system
  • Healing and maintenance of Cartilage and bone system
    • Vitamin E – 9.7 % of Required Daily Value
  • Good source of Folate
  • Help boost Immunity level
  • Act like a Supplement to Heart diseases
  • Promotes Eye Health
  • Vitamin K – 4.2 mcg 6 % of the Required Daily Value
    • Helps Immunity
    • Fat-soluble help create proteins for bone.
    • Normal's Blood clotting
    • Regularize blood calcium
  • Reduces the risk of arterial calcification
    • Mangoes are flavonoids like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin.

Dietary Fiber and plenty of Water in Alphonso Mango

  • Dietary Fiber of 0.5 grams in 100 grams of fruit is 2 % of the Required Daily value since it contains plenty of water, and Dietary fiber helps in
    • Helps with digestive problems
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • It contains different digestive enzymes, water, and dietary fiber that aid digestive health.

Mangoes in Terms of Sweetness

Alphonso Mangoes are known as one of the rich sources of Sweetness. It is one of the world-famous mangoes in terms of Sweetness.

It contains nearly 22.5 grams of sugar (compared with 100 grams of Alphonso Mango), so it is a sweet and tasty fruit.

Even though Alphonso Mango provides you with different types of sugars, it still has the same effects on the body.

About One-third of the ripe mango contains Fructose; half of the Ripe Mango sugar contains sucrose.

At the same time, the remaining sugar is dextrose.

In terms of Sweetness and health, it gives you a sudden boost in energy, known as a sugar rush.

Mango Product Description

These mangoes, packed at our state of art warehouses and farms, are GI Tagged Alphonso Mango, called Hapus.

This mango comes in four variants from us.

  1. Ratnagiri Alphonso mango
  2. Produced in the GI-tagged Mango orchards.
  3. From Ratnagiri
  4. with Organic feeds, and the best care is taken for the mangoes harvesting
  5. 100 % Vegan
  6. Devgad Alphonso mango
  7. Grown in the GI-tagged Mango orchards.
  8. From Devgad
  9. Organic pastures and the best care for the mangoes during collection
  10. 100 % Vegan
  11. Betki Alphonso Mango
  12. Called as betki means, it is a pronoun of butki (a small version of mangoes small in size) means a miniature version of Alphonso Mango from the same tree. Which are ripe but come in small size
  13. Produced in the GI-tagged Mango orchards.
  14. Organic feeds and the best care for the mangoes harvesting
  15. They are low in size but best in taste. Each mango varies from 60 grams to 120 grams max.
  16. They are from Devgad and Ratnagiri both
  17. Hapus Mango – Hapus Aam
  18. Produced in the GI-tagged Mango orchards.
  19. From both places, Devgad and Ratnagiri
  20. Organic feeds and the best care has taken for the mangoes harvesting.
  21. 100 % Vegan

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Shelf Life of Alphonso Mangoes

Once you receive a Fresh Alphonso Mango Peti from us, it is near ripe.

It might take one to two days or a little more to start the ripening process.

Always Open the Mango peti by unboxing (unpacking) it.

Arrange mangoes on a table or a place where you can keep the mangoes.

Whenever the Mangoes are ready to eat, arrange as per the firmness of the mango and start eating.

Please do not refrigerate mangoes as it damages the taste.

If you want to eat ice-cold mangoes, put them in a water tub for 30 mins, clean them and refrigerate them for 5 to 10 mins and then you can cut the mangoes.