Hapus skin benefits

Hapus, you beauty!

Hapus, you beauty!

Alphonso mangoes make for one of the most famous fruits throughout the world. In addition to being sumptuous, pulpy, and delicious, mangoes pack a host of fitness advantages! 

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Hapus for radiant skin

Alphonso Mango gives you unique and radiant skin. It is one of those fruits that you should use to get healthy skin at any time of the day. You don't have to spend a massive amount of money on skincare products. You can get healthy and happy skin with these sweet and delicious treats!

Hapus to delay aging

Hapus is an excellent natural alternative to all the chemical-based anti-aging products. The weather can be so bad that it can damage your pores and skin before you even think about it. But do not be afraid, because the Alphonso mangoes will be at your rescue. Just add it to your salad and eat regularly to reduce lumps, dark spots, and wrinkles. Your pores and skin will be firm and radiant throughout the year. Thank your buddy Hapus!

Hapus to clean your pores

You can always use a face wash made at home using Alphonso mangoes. Just take 5 minutes to apply some mango pulp and milk or yogurt to your face, and you are good to go! This pack improves your skin pores' health, and you will end up with healthy and radiant skin.

Hapus to remove dead cells

Did you know that Alphonso mangoes are the best when it comes to exfoliation? Yes, you read it right! And the best part is that you DIY it! Want to understand how? Applying milk, peeled mango, almond, and oats to your face go a long way in getting rid of the dead skin cells.

Hapus to remove acne and pimples

Applying some peeled Hapus and milk to your face can help you eliminate the annoying acne and pimples.

Hapus for soft, silky hair

You might have heard that bananas and mayonnaise are healthy for your health. But did you know that mangoes can give you smooth and voluminous hair too? Alphonso mangoes can act as a natural conditioner for your hair.

Hapus for dandruff control:

Dandruff is an outcome of a dry scalp. The vitamin A present in Alphonso mangoes moisturize your scalp, curbing dandruff and making your hair soft. They also include Vitamin E, which aids hair growth and improves hair quality. 

Hapus is indeed a blessing disguised as a sweet, little fruit!

Hapus mango face mask for skin whitening

Since Hapus Mango is a summer drupe fruit, Hapus Mango acts as a shield between the sun and your face skin. Suppose you need a radiant skin with anti-tan effect. Hapus mango face pack is highly useful.

Hapus Face mask recipe

Step 1: One tablespoon of hapus mango pulp

Step 2: Gram flour or Besan 2 tablespoon,

Step 3: Grounded almonds powder two teaspoons

Step 4: Honey 1 teaspoon

Mix these ingredients delicately it becomes a thick paste,

Apply this paste all over your face and keep it for 20 minutes.

Rinse it off with cold water and apply rose water to do a light massage.