Alphonso Mango Online Jaisalmer

Alphonso Mangoes Online Jaisalmer

Buy best quality Alphonso mangoes online directly from Konkan Maharashtra to JaisalmerĀ 

Alphonso Mango Online Jaisalmer

Alphonso Mango Online Jaisalmer

'The Golden City' of Rajasthan, a city located 575 kilometers to the west of Jaipur.

Jaisalmer is covered in yellowish sandstones and is crowned by the marvelous ancient Jaisalmer fort.

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The Jaisalmer Fort has a royal palace and has many ornate Jain temples. The city entirely made of yellow sandstones makes it looks like it is made up of gold.

The houses here are made up of finely sculptured sandstone. Even the fort is made from golden-yellow sandstone.

With a population of about 78,000, this town lies in the heart of the 'Great Indian Desert.' Jaisalmer was once the capital of Jaisalmer district.

It is also the largest city of Rajasthan and is the third-largest town in India's entire country. Also sometimes called 'the hill city of Jaisal.'

Jaisalmer, located in the desert region, is one of the hottest cities in India.

It is said that the Jaisalmer fort will be featured in the recreation of the iconic film 'Sonar Kela' by Satyajit Ray. Madhurmela will be arranged in Jaisalmer to blend the culture of Haryana and Rajashtan with the heritage of West Bengal and connect today's youth with the tradition and culture.

So how can one enjoy the majestic Alphonso mango in Jaisalmer? Worry not. We bring you the Golden King of mangoes to 'the Golden City' of India.

We deliver the best quality mangoes to you at your doorstep when you order them from our website.

The mangoes are agricultural products grown by grafting and are 100% natural and carbide free.

Mangoes are listed in 10 things you should try before you die and are loved by people worldwide.

Gi tag certification of mangoes

Gi tag is a sign used on products that are 100% natural and authentic. It stands for the geographical indication of the goods registration and protection act.

The Gi tag in India helps you track the geographic origins of mangoes. Geographic indication tags are given to products that have a specific geographic origin and possess authenticity.

Geographical indications in India are crucial. It has become effortless for schemers to fool people with fake varieties of mango.

With the help of geographic indication Gi tag, also known as geographical indication registry in 2021, live pin-pointing of the mangoes' specific geographical location can be known.

These mangoes come with the Gi tag and a QR code, which helps you know their authenticity and origins.

Mango benefits

Mango is an abundant source of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They help you replenish the lost energy lost in your daily life and have the delight to enjoy in your breaks.

The vitamin A present in the mangoes help you reduce eye dryness while increasing your night vision. Also, they boost your immune system to fight diseases like inflammation and asthma.

The vitamin K in the mangoes helps you have denser bones and improves your bone health. The Alphonso mango also helps you have clearer and smoother skin and has soft and firm hair.

Even the mango leaves are beneficial to your body as they help you fight diabetes when used moderately and correctly. Suppose mangoes are consumed in a small amount by people with diabetes. In that case, they won't face any sugar issues as the mango maintain the blood sugar level in your body.

The mango tree is also a great boon to the earth. It absorbs all the carbon dioxide from the air. It uses it to create new branches, leaves, stems, barks, trunks, flowers, etc.

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Now buy the real and authentic Alphonso mango online from us by ordering it from our website. We get it delivered it to you anywhere in the world. The mango grown in our farms is naturally grown free of any chemicals and grown only through grafting.

These mangoes are brought to you with the GI tag certification and QR code that shows mangoes' authenticity.

When you place an order on our website, a team of expert farmers begin to harvest the mangoes from our farms at 2:10 am, known as the Brahma muhurta, and complete the harvesting by the time of dawn.

They then pick the best mangoes from the harvested mangoes and clean them for any impurities like dust, dirt, and other impurities.

Then these mangoes are packed in wooden mango boxes to get delivered to you.

These mango boxes are then transported to Mumbai by flight, and then with the help of our logistic partner, we get them delivered to you in Jaisalmer.

Now gift your loved ones or treat yourself with Alphonso mangoes' deliciousness and take a break from your busy schedules to enjoy the treat of happiness anywhere in the world.

The mangoes can also be served with soothing and tasty Darjeeling tea and also black rice.

The Alphonso mango is a well to go with everything dish. You can use Alphonso mangoes in a milkshake, yogurt, sheera, ice-cream, and many more sweet dishes.

So make sure you buy the best and richest quality mangoes from us and get lost in the wonder of sweetness.