Return policy for Alphonso Mangoes?

Return Policy for Alphonso Mangoes normally helps for easy returns as Alphonso Mangoes are perishable and cannot be stored above certain time limit. However we take care about quality of Alphonso Mangoes. 

Return policy for Alphonso Mangoes? -

Alphonso Mango Return Policy & Procedure

As you are aware, this is export quality mangoes in India, so Alphonso Mangoes, a King of fruits @ Alphonsomango. 

In Mango, quality is always maintained before dispatch. You are also aware that Alphonso Mangoes are perishable items with a little shelf life.

Know our Return Policy

We take care while packing that we do the quality check for all Alphonso Mangoes which are packed. 

As you know, mangoes cannot be stored above a specific time limit; however, if the fruit is not in good shape or rotten when you cut it home. 

Then we offer a replacement in your next order. Whatever your delivery destination, it will be delivered in your next order. 

An ordered Alphonso Mango online return is easy, but it is a perishable product, so we don’t offer cancellation of the order.

Alphonso mango online return policy for Rotten Alphonso Mangoes, you need to send a photo of the cut Alphonso Mangoes on with the subject line as returns and your order id.

We don’t entertain cancellation for Alphonso Mangoes for the order once it is shipped or dispatched from our facility.

Suppose the delivery has not reached you due to our logistic partner. In that case, we resend the ordered Alphonso Mangoes no matter where is your delivery destination It might be the domestic or international destination.