Mango Online Delivery

Mango Online Delivery

Mango Online Delivery

What do summers remind you of? Vacation? Holidays? Spending time with grandparents?

If you're an Indian chap, then it must remind you of mangoes. Mangoes are adored for their wonderful yellow skin, scrumptiously sweet taste, distinct smell, and rich pulp. 

Tasty aam is produced everywhere in the country. Each state has a specific variation that is adored by all Indians. 

For example, Dasehri in UP, Himsagar in Bengal, Kesar in Gujarat, and Banganapalli mangoes in Andhra Pradesh. 

Out of these variations, there's one that is cherished worldwide. It's the Alphonso from Konkan.

Alphonso Mango

Alphonso or Hapus is adored all around the world for its succulent pulp, unmistakable fragrance, and rich texture. Its pulp is juicier and creamier, and the smell is sweeter. 

It comes in medium-size and weighs around 150-300 grams. The fruit is loaded with various medical advantages. 

It is brilliant for your gut, digestion, heart, hair, eyes, skin, and circulation. It involves cancer prevention specialists. 

Health benefits of aam

Aam is packed with health benefits such as the following.

  • Mangoes are loaded with dietary fiber, phytochemicals, nutrients, polyphenols, essential supplements, and dietary minerals. 
  • The nutrients like vitamin E, C, A make up 76%, 9%, and 25% of the daily requirement.
  • It has cell reinforcements like carotenoids and polyphenols-and omega-3 and polyunsaturated unsaturated fats. 
  • Fresh mango peel is magnificent as a dietary fiber. The peel contains antioxidants and the pulp has pectins.

Devgad and Ratnagiri Hapus Mangoes

Hapus is found only in Konkan. Different states took a stab at developing Hapus however it wasn't just about as scrumptious as Konkan's. 

Hapus' taste is affected by the soul and the climate it develops in. Konkan's volcanic red soil, terrain, and climate add to Hapus' flavor.

Two Konkani regions are particularly celebrated for their Hapus. These are the Devgad and Ratnagiri districts. 

These regions produce premium quality Alphonso mangoes. These mangoes are a lot juicier and more delectable. 

Ratnagiri mango has a golden yellow peel. Devgad mango is saffron-yellow and has a thin peel. 

So, you get more pulp in it. The Devgad variation is a lot more delicious than the Ratnagiri variation. 

The superior nature of these variations has procured them GI labels. A GI tag is a benchmark of quality. 

It is offered distinctly to top-notch items that are made in a particular region. Thus, they are indications of an origin point. 

Many years ago, Devgad and Ratnagiri used to be little ports. Today, they've become center points for mango production, trade, and export.

These districts export premium quality Hapus all over the globe!

Mango online shopping

Mango Online Delivery

The rise of web-based business has turned into a gift for some. It has made business and trades a lot simpler. 

You can now purchase premium quality items from everywhere in the world at the ease of only a click! 

Online shopping could be challenging, especially when you're new to the concept.

You need to be careful when shopping online for any expensive and seasonal products.

Always purchase from a trusted business. You can check online reviews of different vendors. 

You can ask any friends or family members for their experience before you buy. 

If it's your first-ever order from a site, make a cash-on-delivery order. That way you don't lose cash if your item isn't delivered. 

Always read the returns and after-deals services policy. Check if you can return or exchange an item if you're not satisfied. 

Find out about or research the source from where your vendors purchase. A business may guarantee that their items are cruelty-free, for instance, however, their sources may engage in unethical ways.

Buy mangoes online

You can now buy premium quality Alphonso mangoes online at 

We deliver naturally ripened mangoes. Our mangoes are carbide-free.

Carbide is a compound that is used to speed the maturing process. It harms your health and hampers the taste of your fruit.

Thus, we keep our mangoes chemical-free.

Our mangoes are picked straight from farms and are transported to your homes. To restrict the damage during travel, we transport green mangoes. 

These green mangoes then develop at your place. You can make Aam Panna, chaat recipes like sev puri, chutneys, salsa, dips, and pickles. 

How do I know if my mangoes are ripe? We'll tell you how

  1. Color is anything but a decent pointer of readiness. 
  2. Touch demonstrates readiness. When aged, you will feel the delicacy of the tissues inside, like pears or avocado. 
  3. Some types of mangoes have a fruity fragrance around the stem when ready. 
  4. Unripe mangoes are to be kept at room temperature away from the sun and not be refrigerated. 
  5. Mango matures at room temperature. 
  6. To refrain from over-maturing, store your aged mangoes in a fridge. 
  7. Ready mangoes stay well in a refrigerator for many weeks.


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