Mangoes from our Aamrai

Aamrai Mangoes


Aamrai means it is a garden or Mango Orchard or group of mango trees.

Buy Mangoes from our Aamrai

Generally in traditional scenario Aamrai in red  soil of Konkan were maintained by our fore grandfathers.

They used to plant 30 to 50 trees in one acre of land and this was a group of acres which was maintained whole year.

Konkan a Red Soil of gods Land

Konkan is a mix of red soils and black rock of Western Indian Ghats one side is a sea with the red hot sun this plants are cooled by the salty sea breeze from western India sea coast.

Rainy season & Aamrai

Rainy season this plantation is maintained by making circles near the tree and offering cow dung and grass mulching some times the cows are sent to eat in this farms. 

This are covered with a range of natural vegetations which is cut and put in this circles as there is a very heavy rainfall in konkan Maharashtra. 

Alphonso mango Aamrai

Our farms are spread across Ratnagiri and Devgad (Sindhudurga district) which is easily accessible by road for deliveries 

Our Mangoes are handpicked with care they are naturally ripened with a perfect time we say locally 16 anne (Means 75 % to 80 % ripe) as it takes perfect time for ensure ripening, maturity and sugar formation.

Mangoes from our Aamrai

Our farmers who are now experts since ages with our SOP harvest this mangoes on Brahma muhurta and they are so trained with harvesting they can just understand by seeing he fruit which one to harvest and which one should wait for right time.

This are ripened with grass haystack which is called as Penda locally means there are layers of mangoes done with grass and mango and grass again. They ripen with the heat of grass in old traditional forefather methods.

Untouched by chemicals where gomutra(cow urine) is sprayed mixing water and cow urine like jaivik bharat.

Our Alphonso Mangoes are GI tag certified by our farmers as well as we are GI tag certified Alphonso Mango Online reseller. 

We don't use any chemicals for faster ripening Our aamrai are source of inspiration to us and we do all for our mother nature earth.

It is a Make in India initiative from our side.