Hapus Aam - Hapus Amba

Hapus Mango

King of Mangoes from Konkan Alphonso Mango called Hapus, which is known worldwide as the king of mangoes. Tasty fruit with a scrumptious taste.

Hapus Mango, Hapus Aam, Devgad Hapus, Ratnagiri Hapus, Hapus amba

Hapus Aam, Hapus Amba

When a slice of yellowish, ripped, and magnificently tasty hapus aam enters the mouth, you just get carried away by it.

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One can fill the stomach by smelling it. Willingness to eat this fruit arises when someone sees it. 


Mango Hapus

Mango is the King of the fruits, and Hapus is the one who sits on the throne. The goldish yellow skin of this fruit attracts your eyes within the fraction of second and makes you cunning to eat it.

Hapus Mango Benefits

Alphonso mango, commonly known as Hapus aam is a popular fruit which grows in the hot summer. It named after Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese military general, to set up colonies in India. 

Hapus Raja!

The rich, creamy pulp with great texture, low fiber contents which makes it health-friendly and its goldish yellow color makes it the King of fruits. Hapus aam is generally available during the summer season. 

Hapus contains a high level of vitamin c, pectin, and fibers, which control cholesterol. It clears the skin and also strengthens the eyesight. It builds the immune system and even aids weight loss. 

Hapus Mango

It is also one of the most expensive kinds of mango. It is grown mainly in the western part of India, mostly in the district of Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Palghar & Thane in the 

Konkan region. Our it is GI tag certified Hapus aam or Hapus Mango. Following are a range of mangoes:

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Devgad Hapus - Sindhudurga district

Ratnagiri Hapus - Ratnagiri district 

Mango is the leading fruit crop of India and finds its way to the kitchen during the summers.

One Hapus, different uses

All we do with mango is cutting it into slices, putting them in plates, and then a genuinely delicious bite raw mangoes used for making chutney, pickles, recipes, etc. One can drink the juice of the this tasty fruit, which whirls through the throat, and the stomach demands more. 

The aam, other than being used for dessert, are also utilized for preparing several products like syrups, nectars, squashes, jams, and jellies, etc.

We care for your mangoes.

The journey of the aam starts from the large farms, tall mango trees, small mango trees, which called ropdal in local languages. The cultivation begins in August. Farmers put in all their efforts to give that sweet taste and texture. They never comprise on the quality. 

The Alphanso is grown naturally using natural manure.

No use of harmful fertilizers takes place during a long and lengthy process of building a naturally sweet. The farmers take care of the mangoes like their children. 

The fruits on the tree, protected from the parasites, using artificial intelligence insect traps. Every possible step is taken to protect the fruit from external agents. 

The ripening process of this alphonso mango is natural. No chemicals used to ripen the fruits. All the ripen mangoes are adequately packed according to the order and shipped to the customers.

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We firmly believe that customer is the King of the market. We always try to benefit our customers by providing them the best quality of aam mango. 

The phone is in your hand so, what are you thinking? Order a large number of mangoes at an affordable rate and enjoy your summer.