Dry Fruits, Seeds & New Products

Dry Fruits, Seeds & New Products

Dry Fruits & Seeds New Products

We are happy to announce a range of Dry Fruits and New Products like

Dry fruits are one of the best healthy food for your body.

Want to ensure and buy premium quality nuts, seeds, and dried fruits (dry fruits)?

Shop Online with us. We have a range of dry fruits, seeds, and nuts online from multiple countries like The United States of America, Australia, Iran, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Singapore, Peru, and Mexican seeds like Chia Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, pistachio are from the United States of America.Buy the best quality berries online. Goji berries, blueberries, and cranberries are also from the USA.

Chia seeds are imported from Mexico.

Dry Fruits for Breast feeding Mothers

Premium quality Kashmiri Saffron from Indian Kashmir Valley premium handpicked Kashmiri kesar.Mamra Badam Nuts from Afghanistan handpicked premium quality nuts.Discover a fantastic healthy, tasty Collection of Flavored Gourmet Nuts with us imported and some like cashew nuts prepared from Indian Kaju.You can get lightly salted cashews, lightly salted Pista, unsalted mixed nuts, honey-roasted mixed nuts, and more.

You can visit our Dry fruits, seeds, & Nuts range

You can check customer reviews to get a precise idea of what to order and what not to order from us.Understanding public view what are there suggestions what to buy in nuts, seeds, & dried fruits. 

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You can also buy a range of savory and sweet options in dried fruits like Turkey Apricot, Prunes, Black Raisins from Nashik India and Afghan black raisins, Anjeer(dried figs), Berries mix, Blueberries, Cranberries, and more to flatter your palate.

Want to buy the best Badam for your family?

We have a range of almonds from the California, United States of America best jumbo-sized almonds are often called in India California Almonds, badam, or American badam.

California Almonds

Mamra Badam

You can also buy Mamra badam from Kashmir in India and Afghan badam.  We can assure you as you have landed the best website, which has the benefits of getting the best price online when we do almost all dry fruits with free delivery every time you get them from us.Not sure if Healthy Seeds are available locally?Planning for weight loss or healthy diet food like dry fruits for a healthy journey.Want to buy a healthy snack that your kids would love too?

Buy our range of seeds.

Sunflower Seeds

Watermelon Seeds

Quinoa Seeds

Roasted Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

You can choose from a range of flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds with/Without shells, omega seeds, poppy seeds, white quinoa, melon seeds, and more.If you are looking something in traditional we have it.


Bhimseni Kapoor

All this products are Iron & Fiber, Gluten-Free, Weight Management, Rich in Protein. 

Cashew With Skin

Cardamom Ealychee

Masala Cashew

Mazafati Dates

Jackfruit Chips