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India is home to a variety of fresh veggies and fruits. One such fruit is mango. More than 24 variants are grown in India. Some of them are loved globally.

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The most loved Indian variants are Dasehri, Langda, Kesar, and Alphonso. Alphonso is known globally for its distinct aroma, delicious taste, creamy texture, juicy pulp, and beautiful skin.

Alphonso Mango

Exclusively grown in Konkan, Alphonso or Hapus is loved for its deliciously juicy pulp and unique aroma. Hapus comes in a medium size and weighs around 150-300 grams. When raw, it has green skin and is hard to touch. You can use green mango to make chutneys, pickles, dips, salsa, and salads. It is also added in chaat recipes like bhel or sev puri. A ripe Hapus is yellow, aromatic, and soft like a peach or avocado. Ripe mangoes are used to make desserts. It can be added to your cake batters, lassi, milkshakes, parfaits, puddings, and many more dishes. Two Konkani districts are especially famous for their Hapus mangoes: Devgad and Ratnagiri. These districts produce superior quality mangoes shipped to mango stores across prominent Indian cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Pune. Devgad and Ratnagiri Hapus are exported globally to countries such as Singapore, the UK, UAE, the USA, Malaysia, and many more.

Origin of Alphonso Mango

Hapus was brought to India by a Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Albuquerque. He also taught Indians the skill of grafting plants. Today, Indians have turned into maestros of grafting plants. Hapus is exclusively grown in Konkan because Konkan's soil, terrain, and climate add to Hapus' taste. Other states across India have tried growing Alphonso. But their Hapus wasn't as tasty as Konkan's Hapus.

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Online shopping has now become a way of life because of the pandemic. You can now buy everything online, from clothes to coffins. You can also premium quality mangoes online at alphonsomangoes. in We work hard to deliver the freshest Alphonso and Kesar mangoes. Our mangoes are naturally ripened. This means they do not contain carbide. Carbide is a chemical compound that speeds up the ripening process. Carbide is harmful to health. It also hampers the taste of your mangoes. Our mangoes are shipped to you directly from agro farms to your homes. We ship green mangoes, which then ripen at your place. This helps in reducing the damage caused by travel. It also helps you make sure that your mangoes are naturally ripened. To buy premium quality mangoes, click here.

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