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Devgad Mangoes

Farm Fresh Devgad Mangoes | Buy At Alphonso Mango

The king of fruits, the Mango, has been consumed by people worldwide for many centuries. This delicious fruit contains vitamins A, C, E, fiber, and potassium. If you love eating fresh Mango, you are at the right place.

There's some good news for people waiting eagerly for mango season! Now, you can get fresh, farm-picked Devgad mango throughout the year. Log on to Alphonso Mango and order a dozen or two pulpy fruit.

Devgad Mangoes: 100% Fresh and Original

Devgad Mango is a juicy, delicious variety of mangoes. These mangoes have a sharp, sweet aroma, smooth exterior, thin skin, and thick pulp. Devgad mango is also well-known for its soft, buoyant flesh and perfect shape. At Alphonso Mango, this fruit is available throughout the year. However, the best ones will be best between April and July.

You can serve the original premium Devgad mango as a dessert or eat a slice! The fruit is fleshy and heavy, rich in aromatic Golden saffron-hued flesh. What makes Devgad mangoes highly tasty is their skin. Its soft and thin skin fruit is uniquely different with smooth, creamy, and moist flesh. Every bite of the delicious flesh releases an addicting fragrance of fresh ripe mangoes.

At Alphonso Mango, Devgad mangoes are hand-picked from the farm. And then, the fruits are air-dried for about ten days to form a hard rind and prevent light from spoiling the quality of the mangoes. The Devgad Mango has a pleasant scent that lingers on in the mouth for hours.

Uses of Devgad Mango

Devgad Mango is a yummy fruit. It has several uses. They include the following:

  • Cut the Devgad mango and eat the yummy juicy fruit raw.
  • You can use cooked fruits. Take the mangoes pulp and cook it with milk, sugar, and spices. When cooked with milk, sugar, and ghee, it tastes yummy!
  • Devgad Mango pulp can be used to make various chutneys and jams.
  • The fruit is also reduced to syrups for use as a drink or in desserts.
  • These days, mothers use Devgad mango to make milkshakes, smoothies, mango cheesecakes, mango ice cream, & lassi.
  • Devgad mango makes a good snack for kids. You can try the fruits as an ingredient for pickles and preserves recipes.

Devgad mango act is also used as an immune booster. Since the fruit is rich in Antioxidants, people prefer buying and using the fruit as a home remedy for preventing many diseases. It is also used to make milk from the Devgad mango's skin.

Price of Original Devgad Mangoes:

For 130 to 180 grams of Devgad Alphonso Mango, you have to pay ₹ 600. However, the price may vary depending on the season. If you and your family love Devgad mango, pay Rs. 1,600.00 to buy 290 grams of Mango.

Currently, there is a supply of Devgad mangoes, so buy them and enjoy the delicious fruits!

What are the advantages of Devgad Mangoes?

The whole Mango contains a lot of potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and well-being. The Mango has especially a high content of vitamin-A. The pulp from the golden yellow skin is excellent for the eyes.

Devgad Mango has some health benefits that include:

a) Good Source of Potassium

Potassium, an essential vitamin in the body, helps maintain healthy organ function. Fruits are a good source of potassium. People who love to eat mangoes will be glad to know that not only mangoes but also Devgad Mango contains a good source of potassium.

b) Heart Health

Devgad Mango is a healthy fruit choice as it maintains the cardiovascular system. It is high in magnesium and potassium. These two elements in the mango help maintain blood pressure.  

c) Vitamin A

The fruit is rich in vitamin A. The mangoes have two carotenoids, namely beta-carotene & alpha-carotene, which are converted into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects against cell damage caused due to free radicals.

d) Low Calorie

The fruit has a low-calorie count and benefits people on a diet. Due to its low-calorie count, the fruit is a great snack option.

e) Antioxidant

Devgad Mango is rich in antioxidants. The fruit has many different compounds that have antioxidant effects. These compounds include Vitamin A, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and chlorophyll.

What are the disadvantages of Devgad Mangoes?

Devgad Mango has some disadvantages as well:

Littlebit Expensive

The mangoes come from natural sources, naturally ripened, but they are costly fruits to buy. So, you have to spend a little extra on this type of Mango. If you compare to mango of Karnataka you will sound it too costly.

Where to buy the best quality Devgad Mango?

AlphonsoMango.in has all the answers! Just visit Alphonso Mango to get a chance to buy the most original and fresh Devgad Mangoes at affordable prices at alphonsomango.in.

We would love to get your mangoes delivered to your home by Alphonsomango.in

Be the first to buy Devgad Mangoes for yourself, friends, and relatives! Being the leading online retailer from India, Alphonso Mango sells all your favorite mangoes! We want to assure you that we sell only authentic and high-quality products.


You can now get 100% original and fresh Devgad Mangoes online with Alphonso Mango. This unique mango product comes directly from our orchards. It is carefully packed to ensure its freshness. It is also checked for quality before being sent to the customer's doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to buy original and fresh Devgad Mango, visit Alphonso Mango is the right place for you. With us, you can now purchase tasty mangoes online and quickly get them delivered to your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Store Devgad Mangoes?

Ans - You can store the unripe fruit for up to one week in a paper bag. If you can keep it in an airtight container or refrigerator, it will stay fresh for an extended period, about 10-12 days. However, do not freeze the fruit, as it will lose its flavor.

Q2. Which brand of Devgad Mangoes do you recommend?

Ans – Alphonso Mango has the best hand picked Devgad Mangoes. Our mangoes are quality assured.

Q3. Is Alphonso mango fruit pulp edible?

Ans - Yes, the fruit pulp is safe for consumption. It is a healthy alternative to other fruits and can be a good dessert option. You will get a delightful surprise if you eat it alone or with other fruit or veggies!


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King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango - AlphonsoMango.in

King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango

King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango

The Devgad Mango is a variety of mango native to the Devgad taluka of Maharashtra, India. It is known for its sweet and juicy flesh, smooth and thin skin, and long shelf life.

The Devgad Mango has been granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, which means that only mangoes grown in the Devgad taluka can be labelled as Devgad mangoes.

The season typically lasts from February to mid-June. The mangoes are harvested when fully ripe and have developed their characteristic yellow colour. The mangoes are then carefully packed and shipped to markets all over India and worldwide.

They are a popular choice for eating fresh and for use in juices, jams, and pickles. They are also popular in traditional Indian sweets, such as aam lassi and aamras

Mesmerizing aamrai fileds

A charming district is located around 500 kilometres south of Mumbai. This district has merely 98 villages.

Devgad Alphonso mango is considered to be the king of Alphonso's mangoes.

They are grown in Devgad, a small village in Maharashtra,

Indian Mango

These tropical fruits are known for their sweet and juicy flesh, thin skin, and intense aroma. They are also relatively high in fibre and vitamin C.

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Devgad Mango

It has a tiny beach, a lighthouse, and a fort. This scenic little district, however, drives many people crazy each year.

Devgad Hapus Mango

Devgad Taluka produces the best quality Alphonso mangoes that are exported all across the planet.

The delicious taste of these mangoes makes hype about them worldwide.

The minimum order value for Devgad mango online.

Once a humble harbor, the district has become a haven for mangos trade and export.

Alphonso mango

Alphonso is the most loved variant of aam. It has a distinct aroma, beautiful yellow-orange skin, incredible taste, and rich texture.

India is the largest exporter of Hapus worldwide. Konkan region exclusively grows these.

Konkan's soil, climate, and terrain enhance the taste of Hapus.

A Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Alburquerque, brought this variant of aam to India.

He also taught Indians the art of grafting, and Indians have now mastered it!

Hapus is not only tasty but also healthy! It improves skin, eyes, digestion, heart, and hair quality.

It acts as a natural alternative to artificial sugar. So, you can eat as many of these with zero guilt!

Why is Devgad Hapus special?

What is it that makes this special? This variant of Hapus is much tastier than any other mango.

The fruit has thin skin. Its aroma, as well as taste, is much sweeter and richer. So, you get more pulp than usual.

Devgad Mango Online

Now, buy Devgad Hapus Mango online directly from us, and we will deliver them to your home in India. We also have multiple global destinations.

Also, this pulp is much juicier than other variants. That's what makes this variant special.

The superior quality of this variant has earned it a GI tag. GI tag is a benchmark of quality.

It is awarded to high-quality products that are grown in a specific region. Thus, the tag grants the producers intellectual rights.

Natural mangoes

The most appealing part of this variant is that it is naturally ripened. Usually, mangoes traders use a carbide chemical to speed up the ripening process.

However, the cultivars in Devgad taluka use natural means to ripen their produce. How do I know if my aam is naturally ripened?

There are a few indicators that you may use.

  1. Colour: naturally ripened mangoes never have a plain or uniform shade. Only chemically ripened fruits have a single one-tone colour.
  2. Smell: carbide-free aams have a strong aroma. Carbide-filled aams have a faint scent that you can smell with effort. Just one aam is enough to fill your entire room with its fragrance.
  3. Touch: a naturally ripe aam is yellow and soft, like a peach or an avocado. A carbide-filled aam may look yellow but is hard.

You can now buy premium quality hapus at the ease of a click at alphonsomangoes.in

We deliver fresh, export-quality, naturally ripened aams straight from farms to your doorstep.

We source our mangoes from many local farmers in Sindhudurg. Thus, our mangoes are original.

We ship across the globe by air. We ship green mangoes to avoid the damage caused during travel.

Click here to get fresh aam shipped to you!

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Hapus Aam - Hapus Amba - AlphonsoMango.in

Hapus Aam - Hapus Amba

Hapus Aam, Hapus Amba

You get carried away when a slice of yellowish, ripped, and magnificently tasty hapus aam enters the mouth.

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One can fill the stomach by smelling it. The willingness to eat this fruit arises when someone sees it. 

Mango Hapus

Mango is the King of the fruits, and Hapus is the one who sits on the throne.

The goldish yellow skin of this fruit attracts your eyes within a fraction of a second and makes you cunning to eat it.

Hapus Mango Benefits 

Alphonso mango, commonly known as Hapus aam, is a popular fruit that grows in the hot summer. It was named after Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese military general to set up colonies in India. 

Hapus Raja!

The rich, creamy pulp with great texture and low fiber contents makes it health-friendly, and its goldish yellow color makes it the King of fruits.

Hapus aam is generally available during the summer season. 

Hapus contains a high vitamin c, pectin, and fibers, which control cholesterol.

It clears the skin and also strengthens the eyesight. It builds the immune system and even aids weight loss. 

Hapus Mango

It is also one of the most expensive kinds of mango. It is grown mainly in the western part of India, mostly in the district of Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Palghar & Thane in the 

Konkan region. Our it is GI tag certified Hapus aam or Hapus Mango. Following are a range of mangoes:

Devgad Hapus - Sindhudurga district

Ratnagiri Hapus - Ratnagiri district

Mango is the leading fruit crop of India and finds its way to the kitchen during the summers.

One Hapus, different uses

All we do with mango is cut it into slices, put them on plates, and then take a delicious bite of raw mangoes for making chutney, pickles, recipes, etc. One can drink the juice of this tasty fruit, which whirls through the throat, and the stomach demands more. 

Besides being used for dessert, the aam is also used for preparing several products like syrups, nectars, squashes, jams, jellies, etc.

We care for your mangoes.

The journey of the aam starts from the large farms, tall mango trees, and small mango trees, called ropdal in local languages.

The cultivation begins in August.

Farmers put in all their efforts to give that sweet taste and texture. They never comprise on the quality. 

The Alphanso is grown naturally using natural manure. 

No use of harmful fertilizers takes place during a lengthy process of building a naturally sweet.

The farmers take care of the mangoes like their children. 

The fruits on the tree are protected from parasites using artificial intelligence insect traps.

Every possible step is taken to protect the fruit from external agents. 

The ripening process of this alphonso mango is natural. No chemicals are used to ripen the fruits.

All the ripened mangoes are adequately packed according to the order and shipped to the customers.

Buy Hapus mango 

We firmly believe that customer is the King of the market.

We always try to benefit our customers by providing them with the best quality of aam mango

The phone is in your hand so, what are you thinking? Order many mangoes at an affordable rate and enjoy your summer.

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